A Mother's Eternal Love

Ever since she was small, Azami Uchiha had always dreamed of getting married and having a daughter of her own, which she can cherish and protect. And when the day finally comes that Hitomi Uchiha arrives into her life, Azami knew there was something special about her, and a bond immediately flourished.
What can you say? That's a Mother's eternal love.
*A short story, prequel to 'To Kill an Uchiha'*


2. Chapter 2

My smile would not disappear from my face for the rest of the day. Just hearing those words made me feel so much better, as if all the strength in my muscles came back.

"Really?" I whispered, my eyes starting to sparkle again.

The nurse turned back round, "Do you want to see?"

I nodded quickly, "Yes please."


I was lifted into a wheelchair and sent to the maternity ward to have my first scan.

"I know this is a little late to be your first scan. Were you aware you were pregnant?" a doctor asked, adjusting her glasses and looking down at the clipboard again.

I shook my head, "I was sick in the mornings for the past few days, but I was not aware I was actually pregnant."

The doctor nodded slowly, before switching on a machine. It felt like forever before I could finally see the image on the screen.

The doctor searched the screen first before she gave a small smile, "There it is." she turned the screen so I could have my first look.

I could see as clear as day. There really was a baby inside of me. I could see the head, the arms, the body, not very clearly for how early I am in the pregnancy, but still... A tear found it's way out of my eye. "My baby." I whispered, breathing in deeply and reaching my hand up to the screen and touching the baby's head, "I love you."


Hideki arrived at the hospital in the evening. He had shock written on his face when he was escorted to the maternity ward. He knocked on the door gently before sliding it open and peering in.

"Azami-chan?" he muttered, before stepping forward.

I smiled back up at him, my hand not moving from my stomach. I gave him a small nod and he walked forward, still no change in the expression on his face. Gently he placed a hand on my stomach, on top of my hand.

"There really is a child in there." he said, not asking it as a question.

I nodded again, "Two months old."

Hideki looked up at me, then smiled and hugged me gently, "That's amazing." he said, "Azami..." he sighed, tightening his grip round me.


The next day, I was deemed fit enough to go home again. But Hideki would not let me go on missions.

"No way." he declared, sitting me on the sofa, after I tried to stand up, "You..." he touched my nose, "Are not going anywhere. You are to stay here and look after yourself."

I scowled, "I'm only two months gone. I'll be fine." I folded my arms.

Hideki chuckled, "As stubborn as ever." he kissed my forehead, "I'll see you later Ok? I think Yukia, Kushina and Mikoto are coming round later. They were worried when they found out you collapsed yesterday."

I sighed and leaned back on the sofa. I wasn't disappointed  they were coming, it's just I was worried how they were going to react if they found out I was pregnant. Especially Mikoto. I'm younger than her when she had Itachi, her first son.

"Babe?" I called after Hideki.

"Hm?" he replied, poking his head back through the door again.

I pouted, "Go get me some sweet dumplings from the fridge? Oh and heat them a little."

Hideki's eyebrow twitched, "You can still stand, can't you?"

"But you told me to look after myself. What if I fall over?" I moaned, lying down on the sofa.

I heard Hideki walk into the kitchen and put the dumplings in the microwave. I grinned to myself evilly, but when I heard the microwave switch off, I closed my eyes and pretended to look weak. He walked in with the plate of dumplings and placed them on the coffee table.

"Here." he sighed, before looking down at me and grinning again. He ruffled my hair and kissed me, before turning to the door, "Let's hope the Hokage is in a good mood today. I'm running late now. I'll see you later, Ok?"

When he left, I picked up a dumpling and bit into it, "I know I shouldn't be snacking this much, but..." I looked down at my stomach and said, "I need to make sure you are satisfied." I smiled, I'm pregnant. I'm actually going to have a baby. Finally my dream is coming reality.


A bang sounded at the door.

"Azami-chan! Azami-chan?!" I heard a familiar voice shout from outside.

My eyes snapped open as I heard more voices muttering. Groaning, I sat back up on the sofa before forcing myself onto my feet, They're here...Yukia definitely.

I sloppily walked to the door and opened it. All three women were standing there, waiting, with anticipation, for me to open the door, and when I did, they almost jumped me at the same time.

"Azami-chan!" Yukia exclaimed, grabbing my arms and looking at me, deep with concern, "What happened? Why did you collapse? You went to the hospital!"

"I'm fine." I sighed, "Stop stressing, it's not good for your baby."

"Oh, don't worry about me. I'm concerned about you. Have you stopped eating or something? You do look a little thin." Yukia carried on.

That was when Kushina stepped in, "Ok, Yukia, give Azami some room. With that stomach of yours, you're invading all of her personal space."

Yukia smiled, "It'll be you taking up all the room soon." she retorted, giving Kushina a gentle nudge.

I laughed slightly before lowering my head, and allowing the others in, but when Yukia and Kushina entered the front room, I was stopped after I closed the front door by Mikoto.

"What's going on Azami?" she asked, putting a hand on my shoulder, "What aren't you telling me? You're so thin."

I bit my lip, "I've been wearing myself out." I lied, "You know I've been going on missions a lot lately. Every night I come back home exhausted and desperate for sleep, I guess I just forget to eat anything."

Mikoto raised an eyebrow, "That's no excuse, Azami." she snapped, "I am your big sister and I am supposed to be there to look after you. The first thing you should do is eat something before you go to sleep. Eating is important, especially for a shinobi. And think about it this way, if you ever consider having your own child, you cannot stop eating, otherwise you will be in no fit state, and neither will the child. In fact, I want you to come round my house every time Hideki is late home. I'll cook you something."

Throughout that I couldn't help feeling guilty. Especially when it came to the part about having a child. She's right, I cannot afford to lose any more weight, no matter how queasy I feel about eating. It's not fair on my baby. It needs to thrive. And also the fact I am lying to my sister. But how can I tell her I am pregnant. I'm twenty years old, some people still consider me a child! What if she reacts badly? Would she disown me?

"Are you sure that's necessary, Mikoto-san?" I asked fidgeting slightly and refusing to look into her eyes, "I'll be fine."

"No way." Mikoto declared, "I am cooking you dinner, just so I know you are eating. No excuses!"

I sighed before nodding my head slowly, "Very well."

Mikoto smiled and hugged me as best as she could, "I'm always here for you sis. Don't ever think you need to look after yourself alone. I'm always here for you." 

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