A Mother's Eternal Love

Ever since she was small, Azami Uchiha had always dreamed of getting married and having a daughter of her own, which she can cherish and protect. And when the day finally comes that Hitomi Uchiha arrives into her life, Azami knew there was something special about her, and a bond immediately flourished.
What can you say? That's a Mother's eternal love.
*A short story, prequel to 'To Kill an Uchiha'*


1. Chapter 1

Another morning and I was kneeling on the floor after having been sick again. My breath was rugged and quick, sweat pouring down my body, my legs still too weak to help me stand again. This has been going on a couple of days now. Every morning I'm awoken to my stomach churning, so I had to run to the bathroom.

Hideki knocked on the bathroom door quietly, before gently asking, "Can I come in, Azami?"

I could only respond with a strange grunting noise, as I pushed my head between my legs to prevent myself from potentially passing out.

Hideki walked in and put a hand on my back, rubbing me gently, "Is there something wrong? This has been happening everyday now for the past couple of days. You have been fine during the days though...you don't suppose...?"

"I don't think so." I interrupted, still looking down at the floor with my blurry eyes, "There haven't been enough signs yet."

He didn't look convinced but nodded anyway, "Feeling better?" he asked, resting his chin on my shoulder.

Slowly I nodded. Even though I was still wobbly, I was feeling much better. I'm not convinced that what is wrong with me is what he thinks it is. I think I just ate something funny and my body is still not over it yet.

Lightly, he smiled before scooping my body into his strong arms, "Come on then. Let's go back to bed." and he carried me out the bathroom and back to our bedroom, where he gently lay me down and draped the covers back over my shoulders, before lying down next to me and wrapping an arm round my waist, "But promise me, Azami, if this carries on, you go to the hospital." he demanded before closing his eyes, tightening his grip on me.

I nodded slowly, but I cannot say I promise. In a few days, I am certain I will be fine.

It can't be, can it?


"How are you, sister?" I asked, later on that morning, as I allowed my older sister, Mikoto into the house, "And how's the bump?"

Mikoto laughed, "We're both fine." she placed her hand over her swollen stomach.

My sister was now seven months pregnant with her second child, meaning I was going to be an auntie to not just one, but two, and I was overjoyed at the exciting news. 

"And how is Kushina-san?" I added, escorting her to the front room before pouring her a cup of herbal tea and handing it over.

"She seems excited, having her first child soon, and all." she replied, thanking me and taking a small sip.

I grinned as I took my own mug, then I spoke, "Seems like everyone is wanting to start there own families at the moment." I then chuckled.

Mikoto nodded, "Indeed. I bet it won't be long until you and Hideki wish to start a family of your own." she joked, "I mean, how long have you been married for now? Two years?"

I married Hideki at a rather young age, when I was eighteen years old. I'm twenty now, but ever since I was a young girl, I was always eager to have a child or two of my own to look after. Just the thought of having that independence, looking after a child, it sounds incredible. I didn't smile at Mikoto's joke, because for all I know, she may be right. And yes, it definitely won't be long.


I was ill again the next morning. I wasn't sure how long my body could take it. Day after day I felt weaker and weaker, dehydrated and starving. But I was still too stubborn to get checked out. I didn't want to. I couldn't let anything get in the way of my missions.

It wasn't long until my comrades noticed.

"Are you Ok, Azami-san?" one asked, as I started to sway, feeling really dizzy, "When was the last time you had some rest?"

I didn't reply. Instead I tilted forward until my legs gave way.

"Azami!" the other exclaimed, catching me in his arms, trying to help me regain my balance, "When was the last time you ate?"

Again, I didn't reply. My eyes went foggy, until my vision went black.


The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital, attached to a drip which was injected into my wrist. Rubbing my head, I realized I was starting to feel normal. I ran my hand down my front until I reached my stomach.

There...can't be another life in there? Can there?

The door clicked open and a nurse walked in, wearing the crisp white uniform and carrying a tray of food for me.

"Glad to see you are awake, Azami-san. You gave your comrades quite a scare earlier. As pale as a sheet you were when you came in. And very dehydrated. What do you suppose is going on?" she asked. 

I bet she already knew. She just wanted to hear what I had to say. I was tempted to say what was swimming in my mind, but then I decided not to fantasize and just be honest, "It just seems that whenever I eat, or drink, I feel really queasy, and then the next morning, I am ill."

The nurse nodded, before looking at her check board, "While you were asleep we did a few tests on you and we have the results here. Now, what you hear may come as a shock, but the symptoms you are experiencing are very normal to what is going on."

My heart began to beat heavily in my chest. Here it comes. It can finally be proven.

"Congratulations." the nurse smiled, looking down at me, "You are two months pregnant. You're going to have a baby."

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