Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


4. What the hell

Missy's POV

I was beginning to get more impatient as time went on. Finnally Ron's name was called and I payed the hat attention. 

"ah another Weasly, I know just what to do with you..... GRYFFINDOR!" The hat bellowed. A look of relief washed over Ron's face as he ran and took a seat next to Harry. 

"Matilda Weasly" The Professor called. I rolled my eyes at my stupid name and made my way to the stool. The hat was placed on my head and it started to mutter stupid things. 

"Another Weasly, you sure aren't like them Matilda." The hat spoke.

Don't call me Matilda you ugly hat! I thought hoping the hat heard me. My hair had turned into a fiery read and I swear my eyes had changed to match. I hate that name. The whole hall had fallen silent when they saw my hair had changed colour. I smirked at their reaction

"Ugly eh. You remind me of your father, he was a great Slytherin. Your mother was also a Slytherin if i remmeber rightly. Yes it's all here in your head. You aren't like any other Weasly. Not the same at all. It's easy to place you SLYTHERIN!" The hat screamed. My hair turned green, which made a few slytherins laugh. What was that stupid old hat talking about. My parents are gryffindors. My whole family are. Well apart from me.

I will be expecting a howler by morning. 

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