Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


39. This is the end

"How COULD you!" I spat at the snake faced man in front of me. My words were venom spitting at him. He killed him... He killed Cedric. 

"Darling he did what he had to do. Cedric would expose him. Now baby girl please calm down." A sweet voice cooed. I turned around and met the eyes of a young women who looked like myself. My mum. 

"Mother?" I asked the tears still streaming down my face. I hated people seeing me cry, yet I was very comftable to cry in front of numerous death eaters. 

"Yes baby it is me!" She smiled weakly. My face softened. I had a mum, yes she might be a Death Eater but .... it's better than nothing I suppose. 

I ran to her and fell into her arms. 

"My dear child, I am apologetic for killing your friend but do you understand why?" Voldermort's Voice creeped closer. I was not scared of him. I was sorry for him. I nodded my head, I understood but i did not agree. My father and I can not be killed by the Killing curse. My mother however is not of Slytherin decent so can. I can not risk putting her life in danger. 

From here on out I know I must do everything my parents say. 


"Young Missy, Please may you teleport back to Hogwarts, You must deny any claim Mr Potter makes of my resurrection, tell young Mr Malfoy about what has happened, I'd like him and only him to know." Voldermort spoke. I nodded giving my mother one last hug and teleporting back to Hogwarts. Harry was no longer there and everybody was surrounding Cedric's body. I held back my tears. 

Hermione saw me stood there and came over. 

"Are you okay? What happened Harry said You-Know-Who is back!" She exclaimed. Before the events that just took place I would risk being friends with someone of muggleborn heritage, but knowing my parents they would find out. I must become evil. 

"Why are you talking to me? You filthy mud-blood! The Dark Lord has not returned so stop being so nosey!" I exclaimed, heads turning in my direction. I strutted away. When I was away from everybody I started running tears flowing freely. I found Draco hunched in a corner tears pouring down his face. 

"Draco?" I whispered. He looked up relief on his face. 

"Missy I thought you were dead!" He spoke, He ran up to me hugging me tightly. 

"He's back Draco. The Dark Lord.... we are both in terrible danger" I whispered my voice horse. 

He nodded understangly before taking my hands in his and pulling me in for one last kiss of peace. We were about to go through war.


A/N THAT'S IT! That is the final chapter of this book. No more...... sad. I might publish a sequel if you want. Only if you want. I needed to end it because this book started to drag on a little and I was really bad at updating. 

But yeah

This is my favourite book. My first Draco Book. I have loved it. I never thought it would be this popular.  I have loved writing it and hoped you have enjoyed reading it!!



Love from ...... SARARARARAHHHHH

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