Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


34. The Yule Ball part one

Missy's POV

To say I have been on edge would be an understatement. I've been jumping at everything. Anything makes me go loopy. Draco is worried about me, he lets me stay with him every night due to my night terrors. Molly is the only one I have told about my father. About every single thing Dumbledore told me. Draco doesn't know much, just that Voldermort's followers want me. I have distanced myself from everyone for the last two weeks. Tonight's Christmas Eve aka The Yule Ball. Molly is helping me get ready and taking my mind off everything. I pulled the dress on automatically feeling better. I sat at the dressing table and applied my make up. Extreme cat eye, harsh brows. My favourite make up look. My hair was curled and left loose by my shoulders. Molly's hair was in a very pretty plait. We walked out our dorm feeling ultra badass. Molly walked in first the whole room falling silent at her presence. She walked over to Blaise wrapping her arms round his neck. She looked so happy. I waited a few minutes calming my nerves down before walking slowly out of my hiding place. There was a chorus of shocked faces and "wows" as I stepped out, I hurried to Draco who's mouth was hung open. I felt like crying, I felt beautiful, happy. For once in my life. 

"Close your mouth or you will swallow a fly babe" I giggled. He closed his mouth quickly before smiling at me.

"You look breathtaking princess, truly amazing. I'm the luckiest man alive" He awed. I pulled him into a hug which he gladly accepted. 

We walked hand in hand towards the great hall. We are going to have to dance first. Some sort of tradition. Molly walked in with Blaise along with all the other students. I stood next to Draco making small talk before I heard the doors open and I quickly placed my hand on top of Draco's.

As we walked into the great hall it took everything I had in me not to gawk and stare. I couldn't bloody believe it. It was so beautiful. As we reached the centre of the hall i placed my hand on Draco's shoulder his falling to my waist. We moved in time with the music our bodies moving against each other. The connection and pure emotion that went into it was over whelming. Other couples joined the dancing and I was quickly lost in the music. We came to a stop and loud music started playing and the Weird Sisters came out on the stage. I decided to take a seat as Draco went to get the drinks. I sat at a table by myself swaying along to the music. 

"Fancy seeing you here." I looked behind me to be greeted by



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