Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


5. The River of Me

a/n this chapter was inspired by my annoying obnoxious friend Luke :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Missy's POV

*ginormous skip to third year*

 It has been 3 years since the sorting hat placed me in slytherin. That stupid fucking hat. My family don't look at me the same anymore. Not even my own twin. I have grown closer to Draco and his family love me, well as much as they can love a weasly. I have been offered a room at their Manor whenever my family become to much. I have excepted a few times but then I would receive a howler from mum and I would go back home.

I've been locked in my room all Summer and I think I have gone crazy. My whole family have been in Eygypt and I wasn't allowed to go. I was sat in the Leaky Cauldron with my family Granger and Mr Potter. Oh how I hate those two. They are wanna be hero's and I would love to slap them with a unforgivable curse but that's illegal soooooo. 

"Come on Weasly's and Hermione, we better be going to Diagon Alley to get your books. Harry you can come if you would like." My mother exclaimed. I do wish she would look at me with such love and greatness as she does with everyone else in my family. She looks at me like I'm the dark lord. Jesus woman I'm your daughter.

I quickly got dressed into a pair of black jeans and a plain white shirt. I slid some of my favorite boots on before putting my slytherin robe over my shoulders. I tucked my wand in my pocket before heading out to where my family were waiting. 

I had all my books, robes and a new broom. I played chaser on the slytherin team. 

I was walking behind the 'golden' trio on my way back to the Leaky Cauldren when I saw Draco walking towards us. 

"DRACO!" I screamed pushing through the trio to get to my beloved best friend. I embraced him in a massive hug and he started laughing

"There you are Princess, I haven't seen you for ages!" He exclaimed.

"Well Princy my family went to Egypt and I wasn't allowed to go so I was locked in my room." I replied. I should explain. People call us the Prince and Princess of Slytherin, so we take the piss out of it by calling each other Prince and princess. 

"Stupid blood-traitors. Anyway do you want to stay over at mine tonight my family miss you even father!" he asked. I giggled to myself. Lucius was very weary of me since I was a Weasly but then me and him had a conversation about how annoying muggles are so he is starting to like me. 

"I would love to prince just come with me to get my stuff, we go back to Hogwarts tomorrow!" 


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