Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


28. The first date

Missy's POV

I sat on a window seat feeling ever so dramatic, I was practising spells. I invented one that creates any animal you want with your hands. The animals so far are only lasting around an hour but still, they are very cute.

I sat giggling at a small puppy who was running up and down the corridor scaring people before it disapeered. I sighed realizing I should really do something today instead of sitting on my butt. I got up from my seat and finally felt happy. 

Since Draco asked me to be his girlfriend I have never felt safer. His parents shouted at him for the cancelled engagment but when they found out he left Pansy for me they were more than happy. We sneak around at night and send weird messages to eachother in class and it's pretty funny if you ask me. I haven't returned to a single Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson to Dumbledore's request, he thinks I might do something. So I study by myself during that time. I also use it for preparation for each task. The second one is coming up soon and thanks to Cedric I have an idea about what I am doing. 

I made my way to the Greenhouses hoping to find Neville, me and him have become fast friends since the last DATDA lesson. We talk all about our lives, worries and loves. I needed a replacement for guy best friend as Draco is now my boyfriend and Neville is more than happy to listen to my rants and his hugs are perfection. 

Cedric would be my new best guy friend but he's like my brother, constantly protective over me and never wants to hear about me and Draco unless it's bad. 

My hair turned purple as I felt someone's arms wrap around me, since being told about Voldermort's followers, and if he comes back Voldermort himself, are coming after me I have been jumpy. Constantly paranoid. 

"Don't worry Princess it's just me" Draco's sweet voice chuckled. I slapped his arm and pouted.

"Sorry Princyyy, I was just heading to go see Neville. What do you need?" I asked, he cringed at Nevilles name failing at hiding his disgusting opinion over my friends. 

"I wanted to ask if you would like to go on a date with me tonight? We can sneak out thanks to your wonderful powers, and the next task is tomorrow.... sooo?" He asked his face hanging low. Like I would say no. 

"Yes, I would love too!" I cheered before placing a sweet kiss on his lips before carrying on my journey. 

I finally made it to the Greenhouses and saw Neville potting some random plant.

"Neviiiillle my love how good to see you!" I cheered in a ugly posh accent. He tried to keep his smile hidden as he replied in a very fake accent,

"Oh darling! What do you require?" He asked smiling. 

"I need advise!" I returned to my normal voice and pulled him to come sit with me outside on the steps of the Greenhouses. "Draco is taking me on a date tonight and I don't know what to dooooo!" I whined. Neville giggled making me smile like a bitch. 

"You do nothing. He loves you for you so everything will be okay" He smiled. I gave him a big hug and thanked him before we decided to go on an adventure of the castle. I'm very excitable today and I just need to run around. I produced a wolf out of my hands with the spell I had created and ran alongside it throughout the castle. I quickly lost Neville and ran to the Slytherin common rooms with the wolf next to me. 

I walked up the stairs to my dorm the wolf sitting on my bed. Now what to wear?



a/n this is so fucking weird. I didn't know what to write SO I WENT FUCKING CRAZY! My wifi was fucking up so here is an update. Next chapter will be the date and I need to figure out what to write ughgughughugh 

anywayyyy did you like it? shoudlt he wolf stay? WHAT SHOULD I CALL IT 

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