Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


13. The final Straw

Missy's POV 

It has been weeks since my talk with Lupin about my powers and they have only been getting stronger, I am able to teleport, read minds and my hair still changes colour. I am at my strongest when I am angry which nobody gets. By nobody I mean Draco, me and Lupin. Who I have been growing closer to. He recently told me about him being a werewolf which I questioned him about and gave him hugs. 

Draco has been there for me more than ever, he wants to be there to help me calm down and particular moments. 

I walked hand in hand with Draco in my own little dream world. I felt my right side fill with pain and looked up and realised my so called brother ran into me. On purpose. That's it. I thrust my hands out in front of me pulling him back towards me Draco tried to stop me but I have had enough. I teleported us to the forbidden forest, Ron obviously shocked and confused. Teleporting and appreation are completely different. I can teleport anywhere instantly in a couple seconds. 

"I have had enough!" I screamed my hair turning black. I thrust my hands out in front of me pushing Ron into a tree. 

"What gives you the right to walk over me YOU FILTHY BLOOD TRAITOR!" I howled the last bit before pushing him to the floor. I had no control on what I was doing, I had none at all. My body was taking over me and I didn't know what I had done. I heard myself say the words I will always regret,

"Crucio!" I screamed, I couldn't stop myself before Rons body was shaking as he screamed and I cackled enjoying the tingling sensation that came with it. I stopped my hair returning normal. What have I done. I never get this angry, I never do anything like that. What have I done? I looked at Ron's breathless body, knowing I had not killed him only broken him. I wiped his mind of all memory of this apart from him in intense pain. I changed it to Sirius causing the pain so if anyone asked what happened they would believe I hadn't taken his memory. I teleported us back to the castle and left him in the Hospital Wing before teleporting back to where I left Draco. He sat in a ball, I felt bad. 

"Draco." I spoke quietly, I wanted to tell him everything I had done to poor Ron but someone would find out. He looked up his face stone cold, he grabbed me and pulled me into a hug after he saw my face. I felt weak, but not as weak as I used to feel when I gained these powers. I have learnt to control them. I know now how to control my telepathy, I just chose the person I want to read and then no matter how far away I can read their thoughts. I haven't told Draco this though. He might be scared. Scared I'll find out things I don't want to know.



a/n ooooo drama. I decided I wanted to write a fight scene. I swear shes not evil. All with come together in the end. Its complicated. SHes friends with lupin nowwwww. So yay. I feel bad for ron.

ANY WHOOOO HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR MY LITTLE NERDS. Yes you are my nerdy cupcakes because you have to. XD

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