Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


29. The date

Missy's POV

The date, it's in five fucking minutes! I stood in front of my mirror staring at my hideous reflection. I turned my attention to the wolf I had created earlier for a laugh, who had still not disappeared. I named him Alaska, because he's completely white with grey eyes. He looks scarily like Draco. I looked at the clock and realised I was now running late. I ran out my dorm my wolf running behind me. I heard screams as I entered the Common room and looked up to see Draco smiling at me. I ignored the stares before taking his hand in mine and he whispered where he wanted us to go to me and I quickly took us there. We landed in the middle of a forest, streams running past me. 

"I knew you would love it here" Draco smiled. I felt Alaska nudge my hand and I stroked her head. I nodded for her to go for a run and she did just that. I went and sat by a tree and Draco followed me. We sat and talked for hours about weird and wonderful things. It was truly amazing. I knew we would have to be returning soon because the next task is tomorrow and I have to prepare but I couldn't help but want to stay. I wanted to sit cuddled up to Draco for years. 

"We should get going" He whispered half asleep. I nodded rising from the floor. 

"Let me just get Alaska" He nodded his head and waited by the tree staring at my intensely. You call a wolf with a howl right? I bent my knees down and placed my hand on the ground. I found I knew what I was doing without trying. I stared at the ground controlling my senses. I breathed in and out at the same pace. My hair went extremely blue as I howled louder that I thought I could. Alaska soon came running back and I ignored Draco's funny looks before teleporting us back to Hogwarts. Everybody was asleep so I pulled Draco onto the sofa next to me. I snuggled into his chest whilst staring at the roaring fire. Alaska quietly laid down next to it falling asleep. I looked up only to find Draco's face inches from mine. I attached our lip turning over so I was straddling him. The kiss was full of passion and love. My hips grinding on him every so often as our quiet moans filled the empty common room. I was happy, this is what happiness is. I fell asleep cuddle up to him next to the fire Alaska in front of us. This is my life and I don't want it to change. 


a/n you guys deserve a happy chapter :) i wanted to just write cute shit with no drama and I like that the wolf is tame and has stayed. and shes like controling it and shit 

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