Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


23. The Champion Selection

Missy' POV

I sat clutching onto Cedric. The Champion selection is about to start and Cedric has put his name in the cup. WHat if he's chosen. I can't let him compete in a life threatening competition. What if he dies. He's all I have right now. 

I took my seat on the right side of the hall, Cedric on one side of me, Ron on the other. They are the only people who will talk to me at the moment. Pansy has made my life hell, bringing up all the times her and Draco have fucked, snogged, gone on dates. It hurts every time she says anything. Annoyingly my hair gives away my emotion and so she does it all the time. All the slytherin girls are either scared of her or her friends, so none of them talk to me because she doesn't let them. I wouldn't be friends with the guys in slytherin because they are wither friends with Draco or horny assholes. 

So I'm left with my ex-brother, if that's a thing, and Cedric. I'm not complaining. They are very fun to be around. I miss Draco, I miss him so much. I want his lips pressed against mine , my hands tangled in his hair. He has pansy now, I can't come off like a jealous bitch. I have a reputation to live up to. 

I realised that Dumbledore had already called two of the Champions out meaning only Hogwarts was left. I directed my attention directly towards Dumbledore and grabbed tightly onto Cedric's hand. 

"The Hogwarts Champion is!" Everything seemed to slow down around me. Time stopped for a couple of seconds as my anxiety caused my body to almost shut down. I kept on a brave face whilst trying not to  cry until Dumbledore read out the most horrible thing I have ever heard.

"Cedric Diggory" My breath hitched in my throat. What the actual fuck?! No, no , no/ Not Cedric. Anyone but Cedric!

I let go of his arm and my hair turned blue, I tried to hide my face and tried not to cry. My fake smile quivering under the urge to break down. Before everyone could leave the room to go back to their dorms whilst the champions could be talked too, the Goblet's flame turned red again. Two more pieces of parchment flew out and Dumbledore caught them. His face turned red with anger but he tried to keep a happy face on. His words were breathless and shocked.

"Harry Potter and Matilda Slytherin." He spoke, what?I didn't put my name in the Goblet. I'm only 15! I don't want to do this stupid competition. 

His face lifted before he screamed 

"HARRY POTTER AND MATILDA SLYTHERIN!" I stood up and Harry followed. We walked down the steps and towards Dumbledore. I swear I saw Draco shed a tear but thought nothing of it. Chat spread throughout the hall. I felt my body go numb and I wanted to cry. I walked over to Cedric who knew I hadn't out my name in. He wrapped me in a massive hug and I let out all my cries. Everyone had left the hall now. I was just stood crying my eyes out knowing I would be in the most dangerous competition for underage wizards. I wanted to scream. I had to try and keep some cool so held in my wails. 

Why did this have to happen?

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