Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


36. Sweet Pure Inoccent

Draco's POV

Missy has been quiet these past weeks. You would too if your dad tried to murder you. I walked up towards he dorm, she had missed dinner again, she was scarily skinny at the moment and I worry about loosing her. I knocked on the door before entering. She was in the same position as when I left her, sat crossed legged on her bed staring into thin air. I want to grab her and hug her until all her broken pieces get put back together again. As I stepped forward she turned to look at me, her lips tugged into a weak, broken smile. I expected her to turn back and not say a word, like she has been doing for the past few weeks, surprisingly she rose out of her bed and timidly walked towards me wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. 

"Hey baby girl, whats with the magical turn around?" I asked sweetly. I moved us so we were sat on her bed her straddling my lap.

"Draco you know if i keep sulking my father will win, he will know I'm weak. I am not weak. I am going to prove to him that I deserve the Slytherin name!" She spoke, her voice quiet. 

"That's MY girl!" I smiled crashing my lips into hers. She melted into me after realising what was happening. Our lips moved in sync, fireworks exploded between us, passion filling the room. I flipped us over hovering over her, my body grinding with hers, our moans were quiet due to our lips locked together. This carried on for a while until we broke apart, Missy was the first to speak. 

"I feel like a change." She said simply before her hair became super short and lilac. I smiled, my baby is back.

"I like it!" I laughed at her random outburst. She gave me a confused look before smirking, what is she up too. 

"You know Draco I do love your eye colour!" She spoke. Before her eyes went grey/blue. Matching mine. Wow we are very cheesy, 

"I love you baby girl" 

"I love you too"


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