Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


14. Sirius Is here?

Missy's POV

I took my seat in the great hall, I have been growing closer to Draco as time passes and further from my own brothers.Ron still doesn't know it was me who inflicted such a terrible curse on him and he school on alert when he said Sirius Black had done it, maybe it was stupid of me to make him believe that. What's done is done. 

I ate my dinner slowly hoping to be last back to the common room, all the Slytherins now knew of my powers, they all saw me teleport with Ron and most of them saw me use wandless magic. Obviously they want me to tell them how I do it but truly I have no idea myself. I plan on going to re-search my powers later on in the library. Saves me the effort of having to face all the annoying Slytherins who want me to share my secrets. Which I have none. I love being a Slytherin as I have many friends in this house, but half of the people I know are up their own arses. 

I finished my dinner and I haven't once seen Draco, I guess he's finding out the news on that animal his dad wants killed. I don't know. I walked out the great hall many faces directed towards me. I tried to control my breathing before my hair turned black and I lost all control of my actions.My hair only turned red which was a sign I had control. I smiled at the fact I have gotten better at controlling my anger before teleporting to the Library not bothering to walk.

I found the book I was looking for and sat down with it. 

' The Slytherin Powers.

The first wizard to be caught using these powers was Salazar himself, he was able to teleport anywhere he wanted without having to use a spell. This is not the same as apperation which can be very risky. He was also able to do wandless magic and read minds. Salazar was immune to any curse including the unforgivable ones. These powers only are accessible to descendants of Salazar. The most recent one to date is Matilda Slytherin, who currently is missing after her parents gave her away to an unknown family when he-who-must-not-be-named rose to power.'

I stared at the book, maybe, just maybe I was the lost Slytherin. I grabbed the book running to lupin's office. 

"Missy? What's wrong my dear?" He asked worridly when I ran into the classroom panting, I would of teleported but some how that slipped my mind.

"Answer me as honest as you can. Am I Matilda Slytherin?" I asked, my mind was going crazy. I couldn't breath. What if my suspicions were correct. What if my family have been lying to me. I felt my hair go black and my breathing become short. 

"Yes" Is all it took for me to loose control. I felt my body shake and soon I wasn't in Hogwarts, I was in the burrow. I looked around unable to control my body. I was faced with a worried looking Molly and Arthur. 

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I WASN'T YOUR DAUGHTER?" I screamed, My body was in agony and I needed to take my anger out on something.

"We didn't tell you hoping it would do some good, we obviously didn't do a good job" Molly's now sicking tone shot at me. I felt like someone had killed me. I ran out the door my whole body shaking with anger. I thrust my hands out infront of me trying to get some anger out of my system. Flames shot out of my hands creating a circle of fire around me. it rose up and all I could feel was a tingling sensation around me. I screamed out hoping they would hear

"YOU WERE NO PARENTS OF MINE, THIS WILL NOT BE THE END OF ME!" My voice was dry and I didn't want to threaten them .I still loved them, I wanted to cry and hug them not threaten them. This wasn't me. I teleported back to hogwarts my hair still black. I fell to the floor and started crying. Everything around me was blurred and distant.

"MISSY, MISSY." I heard someone scream. They tried to run up to me but got thrown back by something. I screamed out in pain as I felt a thousand tiny knives stab into my skin.


Draco's POV

I sat there staring at her. She was in pain, the girl I am in love with is in pain and I can't stop it. Something stopped me from running towards her, I don't know what. Dumbledore came pushing through and spotted her.

"EVERYONE, TO THE GREAT HALL YOU WILL BE SLEEPING THERE TONIGHT. SIRIUS BLACK HAS BEEN SIGHTED!" He announced. Everyone ran away shocked about what he had said. They thought nothing of the poor girl screaming in front of them. I sat there staring at her unable to move. Dumbledore stared down at me.

"Don't worry Mr Malfoy, I will take care of Miss Slytherin" He spoke, I felt my breath hitch. Slytherin? She's a Weasly!

I nodded walking away from the scene tears threatening to pour down my face. I kept walking till I got into the Hall. I walked towards the Slytherins who were all talking to each other about Missy and Sirius. I wanted to scream at them but thought better of it. I layed down and fell asleep quickly. I was in pain thinking of her but exhausted at the same time. 

I fell asleep thinking of her. 

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