Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


11. Sighting

I rose from my comfy bed, I haven't slept all night. My thoughts clouded my brain and all I could think about was that voice, what I did to Ron, what I said, what Draco said, when the sorting hat told me my parents were in Slytherin. What is going on! 

I'm confused and tired. One person gets on the wrong side of me today I am going to blow up. I put my wand in my pocket unsure if I really needed one because of my new found ability of wandless magic. I made  my way to the common rooms covering up any emotion on my face and replacing it with a stone cold stare. I took Draco's hand thankful that he wasn't being a git today and was comforting me. He knows I have a lot on my mind, I think he guessed I got no sleep as he squeezed my hand to show me he was there for me. 

We wandered into the great hall and everyone turned to stare. I'm guessing they realised what had happened. They all looked at mine and Draco's hands interlocked and honestly they could stare. We walked towards the Slytherin table and took our seats. I dropped his hand and he placed it on my thigh. Knowing I wanted some sort of physical contact. I was emotionally drained. I grabbed a small piece of toast eating it quickly to take the taste of sick away from my mouth. 

"HE'S BEEN SIGHTED!" a boy from gryffindor ran into the room. People gathered trying to get a look of the paper.. I heard the name Sirius Black being thrown around so I am guessing he has been sighted somewhere near here.

I snuck out of the hall Draco right behind me. We left the hall and I pulled him into a warm embrace. His strong arms around me made me feel safe, complete. Draco does that to me, leaves me feeling loved and speechless.

"Oh look at you, the traitor and the snake!" The filthy voice of my god forsaken brother spoke. Didn't he know when to quit. I felt Draco grab my hand to keep me calm. My hair stayed blonde. His presence kept me sane. 

"Haha I'm the traitor, you're the one who disowned your own sister because she is a Slytherin" I stared directly at him, anger boiling through my veins.He was quicckly against the wall, my anger taking control. 

"Honey at least I don't hang around with idiotic mudbloods, you're the one whos a fucking traitor! I'm sorry Ron I just don't love you anymore!" I shouted his whole body tightly pressed against the wall. My hair was black again and my vision cloudy. I didn't mean what I said about Hermione. I don't care about muggle-borns are long as they stay away from me. I don't want to offend her I want to hurt Ron. The look on Hermiones face when I said it was horrific.Yet I have no sympathy.

"Princess" Draco's sweet voice rang. My hair instantly turned back to blonde and Ron fell to the floor wheezing. 

"I'm sorry" I whispered so only Draco could hear. He nodded his head understanding. He grabbed my hand and Pulled me away from the scene and towards our first class. Defence against the dark arts.



"This class is redikolus." Draco's arrogant voice muttered. I giggled to myself at his comment. Professor Lupin was a very kind man. He looked sweet. Today we were learning about boggarts. We were about to face one and I was more scared about what it was going to be then when I had to face it. I decided to try wandless magic. I want to test out if this wandless thing really works before I talk to someone about it. 

"All right line up" Lupin shouted. I stood in line, second behind Ron. As Lupin opened the cupboard a giant spider came out. Looking rather beautiful I must say. I love spiders. Ron was terrified. Always has been.

"Alright Missy you are next" I nodded my head and walked forward. The boggart changed, it changed into....... me.

The boggart walked forward and got close to me. Everyone wondering what it was going to say. It leaned over and whispered into my ear

"you are a disgrace to your family. You are nothing but a pile of dirt. Everybody hates you" It was only loud enough for me to hear. I felt myself boil with fury. Nobody says those things not even myself. I stared at the boggart directly in the eye and thought about it getting shoved into the cupboard. The boggart was thrown back with great force into the cupboard and everyone stared at me. I felt my hair turn back and my eyes turn normal. All the eyes on my made me feel nervous. 

"Missy stay with me after class" Lupin spoke kindly. I nodded. The lesson continues as planned

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