Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


2. Meeting Harry Potter

"It's the same every year. Packet with muggles." my mum exclaimed. I don't get my family. They believe wizards and muggles are equals. My views are different. "This was to platform 9 and 3/4!" I stood absent mindless looking around the muggle station. I must say it was beautiful. I saw Fred and George run through the wall and my mum talking to a boy. He had black hair and glasses. I saw her point to the barrier. Probably muggle born so doesn't know how to get through. 

I feel bad for muggle borns. The wizarding world gets thrust upon them at the age of 11. My mother and Ron had already passed through the barrier and I was getting funny looks. I ran straight at the wall and there in front of me was a beautiful red train. I let out a happy sigh before taking my belongings to the luggage cart. I took Coal out her cage and she snuggled in my arm. I kissed my mum good bye and hugged my little sister Ginny. I grabbed Ron and we made our way inside to find a compartment. 

As we walked down the aisle of the train I felt someone pull my arm and a door close. I let out a squeal before realizing it was Draco who had pulled me into a compartment. Ron just carried on walking. So much for brotherly love. 

"You scared me half to death!" I exclaimed turning towards him. 

"Sorry Missy. Anyway this is Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. My friends. Goyle, Crabbe meet Missy." he pointed towards two beefy looking blokes. I waved at them slightly before turning my attention to Draco. 

"What house do you guys want to be in?" I asked curiously. 

"Slytherin, my whole family was in slytherin its the obvious choice." Draco replied. Crabbe and Goyle just nodded aswell agreeing with him. "What about you?" Draco asked me

"I am not sure. My brothers are all in Gryffindor but I don't really think that would be a good option. As long as I'm not in Hufflepuff I don't really care." I stated. Draco nodded like he was approving my answer. Before we could carry on a conversation the door slid open and a pug faced girl came straight in screaming 

" DRACY-POO! I've missed you!" I stifled a laugh at the name she had given him. "Who are you?" She sneered. 

"Weasly, Missy Weasly." Draco's face hung open. Pansy's face drained of colour. 

"Y-Y-You're a Weasly. But your hair is blonde you're eyes are r-r-ed and your robes are new!" She was stuttering out every word. 

"I have red eyes because of a curse put on me as a baby. I don't know why I have blonde hair. My robes are new because I have a wealthy god father. What is so bad about being a Weasly?!" I was getting very angry. I felt Draco reach for my hand trying to calm me down. I felt my stomach flip multiple times when he touched me.

"Your family are blood traitors!" She screamed. I agree my family are blood traitors. Yes they love muggles. Me on the other hand. No I hate muggles. I have my reasons. 

"Yes my family are BUT I AM NOT! GET OUT OF HER YOU FOUL EVIL LOATHSOME COCKROACH!" i have had it with her evil ways. She looked at Draco for some support but he just laughed. She swiveled on her heel before leaving the room. 

"That. Was. Awesome." Grabbe pointed out. I burst into laughter. We all sat holding our stomachs crying with laughter. We haven't even arrived at school and I have already made some friends. After a while I decided to get up and change into my robes. I told the boys to do so as well. We would be arriving soon. I hurried off to the bathroom and threw on my robes. I smiled at myself in the mirror. My skirt stopped half way down my thigh just how I liked it. 

I left the bathroom and walked back to my compartment to find the boys still gone and Coal asleep on the window sill. I picked up my kitten and decided to find my brother. I took off down the aisle and found Draco, Crabbe and Goyle all stood in a compartment. I laughed and walked in and stood next to Draco. It just so happened to be the one with my brother in. He was alone. 

"Hi bro, why are you sat alone?" I questioned. Ron was sat in his robes, which used to be Percy's. They were a little big for him. 

"What are you doing with Malfoy?" he questioned back. 

"I asked first dimwit!" I sneered. 

"I am not sat alone I have scabbers. Anyway I am sharing this compartment with Harry Potter who is changing into his robes!" He stated. He was getting cocky. Me and Ron might be twins but we don't have a great friendship.

"Harry Potter, cool. I just so happen to be Draco's friend Ronald. " I heard the boys behind me laughing at my tone and before me and Ron could get into a argument Draco grabbed my arm and led me back to are compartment. 

I fell asleep against the window with Coal on my lap. I told the boys to wake me up when we got there. 


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