Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


6. Malfoy Manor

Missy's POV

I pulled Draco into the leaky cauldron (after a lot of persuading) and pushed him up into my bedroom. 

"Wait here Prince, I'll just go tell my mum I'm coming to yours" I told him. He nodded and layed down on my bed. 

I down stairs and was met by all my family and Granger and Potter. I rolled my eyes and turned twards my mum. Her face dropped and she looked disappointed.

"What?!" Her shrill voice asked. 

"I'm staying at Malfoy Manor tonight and will be going to the station with Draco tomorrow. I'll see you next summer." I said my voice bone dry. 

"Okay" She replied simply. Her voice showing no emotion. I smiled at her then ran back upstairs. 

I packed all my stuff, without the help of Draco as he kept picking up my underwear and bras. Eventually we were all packed and walked towards the fire place with my stuff. I stepped in and picked up some flew powder. 

"Malfoy Manor!" I spoke loud and clear. I felt myself being twisted and pulled but before long I was stood in the beautiful living room of the Malfoy's. I feel like home. 

"Missy darling!" The voice of Lucius Malfoy spoke. Happy tone for once,

"Lucius, how good to see you again!" I spoke equally happy. Lucius let out a small laugh before shouting for a house elf to get my bags. I do miss Dobby. 


It was getting late and we had to be up early tomorrow to catch the train. I said good night to Narcissa and Lucius and then walked towards my bedroom. 

peace at last

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