Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


17. Lupin and Me

Missy's POV

I sat staring at the wall. It was the last day, we leave on the train to go home very soon and frankly I have no idea what I am going to do. I smiled as Lupin walked through the door, I was currently sat in front of his desk letting my mind wander. Lupin was my godfather and so I trusted him like a real father, I also had questions. 

" Reamus?" I asked , my voice quiet. He agreed to let me call him that after the whole Sirius fiasco. Sirius has disappeared and we all know it was Harry and Hermione but don't question it.

"Yes Missy?" He asked his voice soft. 

"I don't know what I am going to do this holiday. My family hate me, I can't stay at Draco's due to something coming up with his father and I am just alone." I said trying to not let any tears fall out my eyes. I failed. 

"I would say come live with me until the time is right to meet your parents, but sadly I do not know where I will be staying just yet, go back to the Weasly's. They made an unbreakable vow to house you until you meet your parents." He spoke. I nodded my head before embracing him in a large hug. I left his office and made my way to my dorm to get my belongings. I quickly packed and carried my stuff down the stairs. I was hoping to see draco to tell him I wouldn't be with him on the Train. I was going to teleport back to the burrow. 

I couldn't find him anywhere. I gave up on searching and instead closed my eyes only to re open them inside the place I used to call home. My face lit up at the smell of food. Molly was home. The Hogwarts express won't be coming into the station for a few hours giving me time to talk with Molly. 

I walked into the kitchen and saw the woman I once called my mother singing a long to her favourite song. SHe had a muggle radio next to her. I smiled at her glad to be back, instantly regretting it when she turned around and pointed her wand at me. 

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?" She screamed in my face, her head as red as her ginger hair. My hair turned blue, I felt sad. Not afraid or angry, sad that the person I have called my mother for so long just gave up on me like that. 

"I have no where to stay, you made an unbreakable vow. " My voice was quiet. I am weak at the moment. I have over used my powers and so I was not as strong.

"You may stay here. I am sorry for shouting at you I thought you were going to hurt me" She replied. I lost it, I burst into floods of tears, all the ones I had been holding back suddenly coming back. I felt queasy and ill. My own 'mother' scared of me?! I did this, I caused so much pain. 

"Thank you Molly" I replied sniffling. She nodded her head and I walked away from her taking my trunk upstairs.


It has been 4 hours and everyone is back from Hogwarts. It is exactly the same as it used to be before I got sorted into Slytherin. Molly is back to loving me, and Ron is my friend. This won't last forever, they are only doing this out of fear. 

I said good night to them all and walked to my room, I quickly got changed into my pj's and slipped some shoes on. I know Draco can't keep me all night, but what's the harm in staying the night. I put a lock on my door before teleporting to Draco's bedroom. He was stood in a towel looking in his wardrobe. 

"They are scared of me." I spoke, the tears flowing freely. Draco spun round shocked at my presence. He ran over to me embracing me in a hug. I was very aware of his naked body pressed against mine and it made my heart race like crazy. This boy does stuff to me. 

"You want to stay overnight?" Draco asked worriedly. I nodded my head before going to lie in his bed. I was shortly joined by him and he wrapped his arms around me, I cuddled into him letting my body relax. 

"I am going to the quidditch cup tomorrow." I spoke simply. Trying to make conversation.

"I'll see you there Princess." he replied before I drifted off into la la land. 


I awoke the next morning very early before kissing Draco's cheek and teleporting home. 

I heard a banging on my door so I unlocked it. In stumbled a tired Ron.

"oh you're up" He replied before leaving me to get ready, I dressed quickly before running out of the house. I was greeted by a fuck load of Gryffindors.... wow. 


"This is Cedric." Arthur pointed to the most handsome man I have ever seen. Well apart from Draco,

We carried on walking and I fell behind wishing I could just teleport there. Molly made a rule, no teleporting as it is unfair. 

"I'm Cedric, you must be Missy Slytherin?" He asked. I nodded my head, we were going to be great friends.

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