Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


33. Hogsmede

Missy's POV

I walked next to Molly telling her all about my family history. About why i had these powers. She listened carefully and laughed at random points. As we arrived at Hogsmede we quickly ran to the dress shop hoping to find something for the Yule ball. I grabbed a few I liked of the rack and she copied me, I let her try them on first and waited patiently for her to come out. 

As I sat down I noticed a man staring at me from the other side of the room, if I moved his eyes followed. My body felt numb and I had to control my fear as I waited for Molly. She came out wearing a short black dress hat showed off her fantastic body, she looked utterly gorgeous and I completely forgot about the man who was creeping on me. 

"Molly you look bloody gorgeous!" I screamed. She giggled as her face went bright red. She went back in to change into her clothes and I sat back down. 

"You are as beautiful as I remember" A deep husky voice spoke. I recognised it, like a distant memory. I turned round to find the man was there. He had black hair that covered his eye and numerous tattoos littering his body. He looked very familiar.

"Who are you?" I asked, somehow dismissing his creepy compliment. I was curious as to how this strange man knew who I was.

"My name is Alexander, Alexander Slytherin" He spoke, the realisation sunk in. This man was my father. 

"Missy! I'm done!" I heard Molly's voice shout. I turned round to see her walking back out the dress in her hands. I turned back around to carry on my conversation with Alexander only to see he had disappeared. I just met my father, 

"Missy are you okay? You look like you have just seen a ghost" Molly chuckled. I nodded my head and took my dresses to the changing rooms. I picked out a emerald green one that went all the way down to the floor. It fit my body perfectly and I truly felt like a princess. I walked out of the changing rooms to see Molly sat bored out of her mind. As soon as she looked at me her mouth gaped open. 

"Draco isn't going to be able to keep his hands of you" SHe chuckled. I smiled slightly pushing the thought of my father into the back of my mind. I changed back into my clothes before paying the lady and leaving the shop. I noticed a hooded figure standing by the forbidden forest, Alexander. 

He winked at me before completely disappearing. He wasn't lying.

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