Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


10. Fights

I sat next to Draco in potions, he was busy cutting up some frog spawn for our potion to notice my whole face had paled. Sickness was creeping over me, I felt light headed, like all my energy has been sucked from me.

I sat back down and placed my head between my arms. "You are as strong as your mother my dear, a strong withc like you will do very well in my army." A clear voice spoke, nobody sounded fazed by this. I felt a presence next to be but when I looked nobody was there.

"Princess are you okay?" Draco shook me from my trance, I realised my hair had turned bright blue, meaning my eyes are completely white.

"Yeah I am, did you hear that?" I asked Draco, my hair and eyes turning back to its original state and my eyes going back to red.

"hear what?" he looked utterly confused and so I decided not to worry him further and told him to forget it. I helped him finish the potion and I felt completely better, my diagnosis for my earlier illness was that the spell I had created had taken all my strength. Whatever had talked to me must of given me it back.

We completed our potion and we were able to leave the class. I said goodbye to Draco telling him I would meet him at dinner which was very soon. I felt my heart pulling me somewhere, I ended up outside the room of requirements. I stood in front of the brick wall and closed my eyes. I let my brain take control and had no idea what kin of room I was going to get. It was like someone was blocking me from seeing.

A door appeared in front of me and I stepped forward.and swung the door open. The room was small, and in the corner was a woman. She looked very similar to me, yet older, more tired.

"Who are you?" I asked, my curiosity was bubbling inside of me, I needed answers.

"I can't tell you that yet sweetie, just know one day we will meet, really meet. I will tell you then, Matilda." her sweet sing song voice spoke. Yet it sounded so dark,powerful.

"Do not call me Matilda!" I screamed, my hair and eyes turning black, this sudden burst of rage I had been holding in for ages was coming out, over the stupidest thing. I felt my hands twitch and my breath shorten.

"You have to leave now, people are coming if they find me you will be expelled!" She whispered worriedly. I felt my whole body go numb as I followed her orders. My hair was still black, yet my eyes were normal. Why it didn't go red I will not know, yet I can't change it back to blonde, maybe I'm still mad. I have no idea.

"What have we here!?" A familiar voice rang, my whole body tensed and my eyes clouded with darkness.

"What do you want Ron?" I asked my voice stone cold. I still haven't looked at him, he always calls me names when he sees my eyes change colours, I don't want to get mad. I don't want to cause him any harm.

"That's no way to speak to your brother Matilda." his blunt voice rang. I breathed in slightly, fuck it. He deserves pain. I thrust my hand out and thought about him swinging to the wall. He did just that, he was pressed tightly against the wall, almost chocking on my non existent grip. I didn't have time to realise I was doing this without a spell or a wand, I was only concentrating on my brother in front of me who was struggling to breath.

"You are no brother of mine Ronald Weasly, brothers don't abandon their siblings when they get sorted into a different fucking house. Siblings don't bully their other sibling for being different. I told you Ron DON'T Call me Matilda!" I raised my voice after every point, I ended up screaming the last line before letting him go my features somehow turning back to normal. I watched the horror build up on his face, what I had just done settled on my face. I used wandless, spell-less magic. I'm only 13. How did I do that?

"Missy? MISSY!" A sweet voice shouted. Running towards me and pulling me away from the gaping faces, Draco pulled me toward the dungeons. We entered the common room nobody there because of dinner about to start. I sat down on a sofa and put my face in my hands.

"How are you able to do that? I don't get it Missy. Why can you do wandless magic, not even the most powerful wizards can do that." his panicked voice pulled me out of my trance.

"I don't know!" I spoke honestly, the tears building up on my face. I didn't let them fall. Draco pulled me into a everlasting hug. I breathed in his calming scent and settled in his arms. I'm the only one who gets to see his soft side. Most people think he is a ignorant git. He does it because of his father, he doesn't want to.

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