Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


24. Draco?

Missy's POV

It's been 3 days since the selection, I haven't spoken to anyone since. Nobody really cares about me anymore. Cedric is the only on that listens. My hair is permanently white and blue. I think it is sadness and fear but I'm unsure.

Ron hates me and Harry, he thinks we did it on purpose.

Stupid idiot.

I sat my legs crossed at the back of the library. I wanted to get away from everyone's stares for a while, I felt the presence of somebody next to me so I placed my book on the table and was greeted by the most stunning eyes I have ever seen in my life.

They were so beautiful, like diamonds.

"Missy, why did you enter?" I realised who I was staring at, Draco...

Normally somebody asking me this question would extremely piss me off but the concern and sadness in Draco's eyes just made me more sad.

"I didn't enter. Somebody set me up. I do not want to be in a life threatening situation thank you very much!" I sank into my chair, wanting him to go away now that he got his answer.

"I'm sorry." His voice whispered

"For what?" I was incredibly curious.

"For leaving you, betraying you. I didn't want to. My father, he said I have to date Pansy. He says that I am to marry her!" I watched the tears role down his face. He was speaking the truth.

"Well if that's the truth then I'm sorry but your wasting your time, I do not want to be involved with someone who is already engaged to be married!" My voice was low and sad. I made a quick exit and walked towards the black lake. Only two more days until the first challenge and I'm shitting myself.

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