Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


37. Death Of a Queen

Missy's POV

My head won't shut up. Everything is going at a thousand miles an hour and won't slow down. I stood with Molly beside the black lake. The water was claming. The way it lapped onto the rocks we sat on just made me feel at peace. 

"So how are you Molly?" I asked generally interested, with all the drama after the Yule Ball I haven't had time to just be a teenager, to care about my friends.  

"I'm okay, after all the drama I knew you wanted to have a break, just you and Draco. Blaise kept me company." She smirked, winking at me. That little Slytherin. 

"You little hoe, why did you not tell me about this. You two would have such cute children. OTP OTP OTP OTP!!!" I started getting excited. I haven't really had girl friends.

"Oh shhhh, I haven't done 'it' with him yet. I'm not ready. One day maybe." She smiled brightly. I pulled her into a hug still celebrating the fact that she pulled. 

We spent the day annoying each other, and me showing her wandless magic. I showed her my little spell that makes animals. I produced a small baby snake that she promised to keep. Hopefuly he is friends with Alaska, my wolf. After all the drama of the Yule Ball I let Alaska run free. He came back a few days ago though. We went in just after nightfall and walked to the great hall. 

I took a seat beside Draco and Molly beside Blaise. 

"Draco Malfoy...... you are the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Will you marry me?" I asked sarcasm and sass mixed in my tone. 

"You really mean that. BABY YES YES!" He almost shouted his voice very high pitched. Hand on his heart. I pulled him up and kissed him very passionately before sitting back down and acting like nothing had happened.

You know the life

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