Wonderland (Draco Malfoy)

I know perfect doesn't exist but darling if it did you would be the definition


21. blanked




Missy's POV



I took my seat on the train burying my head in my hands. Draco will not get off my fucking mind! Him and the death eaters cloud my vision constantly, after the attack, when I got back to the burrow everyone was glad to see me alive, the happiness turned to anger the next day when they found out I was at Draco's. I never told them what I did though.

Ever since then the Weasly's don't talk to me, apart from Ron. I haven't spoken to Draco either which is weird. Instead I grew closer to Cedric, we bonded over quiditch and I told him I wanted to try out for chaser.

I lifted my head when I head the door slide open.

"Helllllo Missy Princess." Cedric greeted me. When I told him Draco calls me princess he decided to steal it. Creative much.

"Hey Ced, have you seen Draco anywhere?" I asked curiously. He hasn't come to find me and we are already out of London. Usually I always see him on the platform or we find each other quickly.

"Yeah he's down at the bottom of the Train snogging Parkinson." He grimaced at the thought. My breath hitched in my throat. I felt the tears start to prick in my eyes. I felt my body begin to shake and my hair turn black.

No I must control my anger. I must contain it.

"MISSY CALM DOWN!" Cedric shouted, he knew it was the only way to talk to me was to shout. It was like my mind was blocking every single thing around me. I felt my body shake furiously before being pulled into a loving hug. I calmed down and the tears pour outbid my eyes.

"Oh Princess, I didn't know you felt that way about him. Why did you get that angry thought?" Ced asked me. So I told him, I started from the beginning and told him the whole story. Start to finish. From teleporting into his room at night to now.

"THAT DICK!" He screamed, I flinched at his tone. Aren't hufflepuff a suppose to be nice to everyone or something. I guess I should stop judging them.

"Ced it's okay. I guess what we had wasn't special to him. Now our friendship is ruined and WHYYYY?!" I screamed melodramatically making myself laugh. Maybe I can laugh at this situation. Who am I kidding?

I'm too hurt to laugh, he led me on. He hurt me. How dare he! I stormed out of the compartment and towards the end of the train. My hair quickly going black. I could see exactly what I was doing but I had no control over myself. I looked into a compartment and saw exactly what Cedric told me, Draco and Pansy. THAT DICK!

I slid the door open shocking them both. Draco looked like someone just killed him inside. I turned to Pansy.

"Hey bitch, I think you deserve a little something!" I screamed, my voice was hoarse from crying so hard earlier. Tears were currently flowing out of my eyes but I didn't stop them. I had no control over my words or body. 

"Crucio" I thought, nobody knew what spell I had just casted but it was clear when Pansy rolled around on the floor of the compartment in pain, I wanted to stop. I may be a bitch but I don't use the cruciatus curse on someone for just kissing someone I liked. I couldn't stop. My hand was forced towards her holding her against the floor her body writhing in pain.

"Missy stop." Draco's arrogant voice slurred. I did just as he said and turned to him. 

"You lost the right to talk to me Malfoyy" I dragged out his last name making it clear, we were not friends. More than enemy's. I hated him. I hated him over something as small as breaking my heart. "I hate you" I whispered before teleporting out of the compartment and back to mine not wanting to walk. 

"What did you do?" Ced asked me worriedly. 

"I payed the little ferret a visit." I told him my hair changing back to its original colour. He nodded not wanting to push me. 

"Lay down for a bit we still have 3 more hours to go, go to sleep for a while." He smiled sweetly. I shook my head sitting opposite him I stared at him bluntly and whispered.

"How can I sleep, when I don't have dreams, only nightmares." He nodded his head understanding and I curled up in a ball and stared out the window wanting nothing more than someone to kill me.

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