My 18th


2. party

"Isn't this great al" izzy shouted above the blaring music "mhhhhh yeah it's great, but I wouldn't mind going home" I replied trying to sound as genuine as possible "NO" amber screamed making the other people dancing to stop and stare "Amber, remember we talked about this please use your inside voice" izzy exclaimed at Ambers lack of manors "OH WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT" Amber shouted at the sweaty people staring at her still stunned at her out burst, sudden all there attention was turned back to the music and they resumed dancing away, then all of a sudden I was pushed and crashed into a young girl who was grinding carelessly on a boy twice her age, the look of disgust was painted on both their faces, I could feel mine instantly heat up, I turned towards Amber and izzy, amber had tears in her eyes as she laughed at the misfortunate event that I had been apart of "oops sorry al" izzy chuckled, I really hate night clubs, I spun away, and started making my way to the door to get some air, I feel so dizzy,bang, I closed my eyes as I fell towards the floor, the fall seem to take forever, everything was silent, but it wasn't for very long when I hit the floor my eyes flew open, my ears refilled with the sound of the blaring music, the floor vibrated under me, I looked up to see who or what had caused me to fall to the floor, to my surprise it was a tall muscular boy, his hand extended towards me, I took it not wanting to be on the floor anymore when I was on my feet again I opened my mouth "thank you, but couldn't you see me coming! Why didn't you move" I raised my voice and eyebrow "Erm sorry, but you didn't bump into me " he stepped aside for me to see a white pillar, once again my cheeks flushed with embarrassment "oh I'm really sorry, but thanks for helping me up" i started making my way forward to the door, when i felt a warm hand touch my arm, stunned I turned around to see who this person was who was invading my personal space! "Sorry Erm ... " he said gesturing to me "Alice" my tone flat and uninterested " Alice, would you introduce me to your friends" he seem confident and cocky even like he knew he looked like a god he really did "well I'm kind of try to go outside I don't feel to good, maybe another time" just as I said that "al wait up" I see both my friends making there way towards me "perfect timing" he smirked, I gulped, "al we're sorry, we can go if you like, have a girls night" her sweet voice soften the thick awkward air "I'd love that thanks" the boy nudged me "oh yeah and this is..." "Trè" he interjected "oh hi nice to meet you I'm Isabel and this is amber" Isable said waving her hand towards amber "nice to meet you" I rolled my eyes as I saw the lust in his eyes towards Isable who didn't see his intentions before he couldn't speak again I grabbed ambers arm and dragged her away but Isable was still standing there with trè they was exchanging numbers, well he moved fast, me and amber waited outside for Isable, when she joined us she had her normal cheerful look on her face, "come on then" she linked everyone's arms and we walk off down the road to my house.

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