My 18th


1. 'birthday party'

This 'birthday party' sucks, it's not really a birthday party as such a party is suppose to be filled with people you know at your house or your chosen venue where as in my case it isn't, I'm in a unventilated room, filled with random sweaty strangers, the only person in this room that I know are my 2 friends that forced me in to this night club, amber and Isable; Isable is beautiful, her brown hair is half way down her back with golden highlights (which are natural :/ ) she has golden brown skin, shes sweet, innocent and cares for everyone and everything. Amber well, amber lives up to her name, she has short fiery ginger hair, pail complexion with freckles dotting over her nose and cheeks, she is very the opposite to izzy, she has a very pessimistic outlook on life, she's mean If she doesn't like you, she hates mostly everyone and believes everyone is out to get her, they are my friends now I guess your wondering about me, well maybe, but I'm not in your brain, my hair is lilac it's mid way down my back I have a slightly tanned colour, lighter than izzy but darker than Amber, I'm short 5"2, both izzy and amber are taller, 5"7 to be exact, so now that your up to date shall we proceed. Oh I almost forgot my name is Alice.

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