My 18th


3. apologies

We was all sitting on my couch watching mean girl "al I think you should text that boy from the club you was incredibly rude dragging amber away" I glanced at her but turned my full attention back to the film "mhhhmmm" I murmured "No Alice I'm serious, Here" she stuck her arm out giving me her phone with his number lighting up the screen, I sighed, I grabbed my phone out of my clutch bag, unlocking it I turned back towards the film forgetting what I was suppose to be doing "ALICE" Isable shouted "inside voice please Isable" amber chuckled " sorry gezzz I'm doing it" I moaned

Alice x - hi this is Alice I've been told to apologise to you

07905837270 - that's the worst apology I've ever had x

Alice x - well sorry, by the way what's your name again and what's your favourite emoji?

07905837270 - how have your forgotten already! It's trè and 😍

Alice - really! Oops sorry no that one is taken

Tre - really by who?

Alice - me 😄

Tre - 😂😉😉 i don't disagree Alice 🐰

Alice - is mine the bunny 😑

Tre- yeas

Tre- Alice in wonderland

Alice - wow how original

Tre - your lucky you even have a face thingy, no one else does

Alice- wow I'm flattered, anyway it's been lovely chatting to you but I need to have a new emoji and I'm watching a film so I have to go

Tre - 🃏 is a film really more important than me

Alice - yes it's mean girls!!!, and y the joker

Tre 🃏 because I am a joker and fair enough

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