2. Wonderland Disorder

(2) Wonderland Disorder

It’s sad to consider these two; boy and girl, Jacob and Alisa both living in their own worlds. They fantasize quite a bit, always wanting to see a bigger picture in such small things. Animals, wildlife, insects, and even objects seem to keep them thinking up more stories. They take their adventures from what is around them, and Alisa has what her father described as: Wonderland Disorder. Not sure what that means, always stuck in their own world? Either way, you can think about it for a while. Come up with your own conclusions, and maybe share it with us. But let’s not forget that these two individuals matter.

Alisa went outside to get some fresh air for once, it had been several months since she and her family moved in to the village. Her mother always being the caring type just wanted to look out for her babies. Her children, her kids, and to keep them happy. Clutching at some of the green grass on the lawn, she found herself a worm. Spitting it out as she tried to taste it, something her mind told her that it was food. But her imagination went wild making her see the worm as this smiley caterpillar. She saw it as a friend? No, she saw it as food.

Jacob also went outside for the first time in weeks, his brothers were always outside except him before. They were always playing around with the slides, swings, and other fun toys. They had their own little playground outside, Jacob was invited always but decided it was best to stay indoors. After finding a much bigger adventure inside; playing with a fortress he made out of cardboard boxes. He even called it his own Cardboard Castle. His parents saw it as him just playing in his own room. They were concerned that he was spending too much time alone. But his mother convinced his father that little Jacob just liked to build, explore, and play with objects around the house. He too had what Alisa’s father would call: Wonderland Disorder.

It's real upsetting to see these two separated. Alisa, Jacob, and even these two families not meeting each other. Outside from these two households were ‘friends.’ No, I mean it, like actual possible friends. They were in search for more kids to talk to, and always wanted some attention now and then. But these kids were going to school, and they weren’t separated by two families. They too had no river breaking them apart. They had roads, dangerous, and safe roads to keep them split up. All that took was a little consideration, a few words from their parents. ‘Advice.’ That’s all they needed for them to cross these dangerous roads.

~ July 1996 ~

Twelve-year-old killed by a speeding vehicle.

This was a shock for everyone who lived in the area. Our thoughts go to the family of this child. Our condolences go out to the family and siblings that this child had to live for. Coming across as a real sad time for them. We are sorry to report that this child did not survive from the accident. Whether the child was to blame for this is another story. But we find that the parents could also be to blame for him being out in the road at such a late time at night. The driver did have a few words to say: ‘I found the little guy out on the road after… hitting him, and I don’t feel right for doing it. I really should watch where I’m going- especially at night. I am truly sorry for the child that has lost his life here. I am to blame for this, I take all hate for those that blame me too. I just want to say that this WILL never happen again- not by me. I promise.’

Although the driver didn’t have much to say; he did have a few things that he missed out. The fact that the man was drinking that night, driving at incredibly stupid speeds down roads. There is far too much evidence to suggest that this man is to blame. That the driver had way over the limit, and even was possibly drunk driving. We have searched his vehicle for any other evidence that could support this. As we found more than we bargained for: a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, several empty alcoholic bottles, and even drugs. This man knew what he was doing that night, and chose to follow through with it. He could’ve said no to it all, and avoided this accident from happening. We are truly sorry that this has happened. The driver is in questioning, and will arrive in court the following Monday.

~ End of Article ~

Okay, well I guess that the ‘friends’ out there too are always in danger. Especially on the roads, but that could’ve happened to absolutely anyone. Why would it ever matter anyway? These kids should look where they are going. Think about it, it’s the fault of the drivers, sure. But if these kids weren’t out at stupid times running around. This could’ve been prevented. But now that the kid is resting up there, we don’t really have much to talk about. So, the ‘friends’ are nothing but traitors really. They put themselves in danger, and deserve what Life throws at them. They don’t deserve fairy tales, happy stories, and ever-loving parents. Wonderland Disorder certainly takes over all kids.


Jacob returned home at a more sensible time, finding himself back in his room with his father sharing a few words with him.

“Son, I really need you to keep coming home at a time like this. It’s perfect because we always know that you’re safe. I wish you’d come outside more, though. You were out there for a few minutes.”

Jacob spoke to his father; trying to explain that those few ‘minutes’ were more like seconds to him. He liked going outside for a split second, and then wanted to go home. His mother wasn’t so pleased that Jacob had left the house. She always saw him as a delicate kid, more like a butterfly. Once those wings come off, he just can’t find the courage to grow them back. Not that a butterfly feels the same.

“Okay, son, I just want you to come down for dinner later on. We are having your favourite, and your brothers might also want to play with you.”

His father left him in his room closing the door slightly as he knows that closing that door would put an end to their relationship. You see, when he was a kid, his father closed the door after several years of being a family. He loved his door open, and would never like to close it. He had this thought that if a door was to close another would open. And with all the monster stories, he found that the only door that could open is the door of nightmares. The door that led to his closet. Not feeling happy at all, afraid of everything around him that night. The door closed to the wind; his father had opened the window without him knowing.

And it wasn’t long until what he feared had come true. Finding his father later that night deceased. Lying in a pool of blood was his dad, he was somehow found in the closet. Lucky for the kid, he didn’t’ find his dad there. His mother found him there and didn’t wake him up since seeing it at such a young age could scar him for life. She even tried to hide it night after night. But the ‘door story’ the monsters that he feared would get him. He raised against it on his birthday to find that his dad had suicided. His mother was sent to the station, arrested for hiding the body. But she only did it to protect him, to keep him away from the sadness. But he couldn’t accept it, the lies that she told him: ‘daddy is out at work, a very long job that won’t end until your birthday.’ But she knew that when he would turn his next age- that he would find out. That he would no longer be afraid of monsters, he would prove himself wrong.

Alisa was fast asleep in her bed after tiring herself out, no more energy in her body. Her parents left her to snooze, and even went out leaving her home alone. Her mother didn’t really have a second thought. Her father was just as careless, wanting to get a drink later that day. His plan was to drink, and his wife’s plan was to have fun. Alisa didn’t know anything, sleeping with her little dreams going on that included her family, and her going on adventures together.

The river still remained, the deep river still remained where it had been in the first place. And not one of them had any idea that a river is what separated these two kids. Jacob tried to sleep but couldn’t until the door was wide open. Alisa awoken later in the day to find a few gifts wrapped up on the end of her bed. She even noticed a little redecorating that had been done. Some of her shelves had changed colour, and even her wallpaper had switched into something more adventurous. She thought that she had been asleep years, and saw that it was like she was in the future. It wasn’t long until she had these crazy thoughts to explore outside. Wanting to see what else had changed while she had bene asleep for ‘years’?

Maybe this was leading to her discovery . . . This could truly mean the start of finding that river. But why would it matter? She finds a river; she doesn’t find Jacob. No, that would require them both to be searching for this outside mystery. So, what is it that could bring these two together? Fate? A story? Nobody knows. Jacob was too sleepy, and Alisa was too energised. Her parents still out with the day coming to an end. Jacob’s parents were watching TV, and not even they had seen what was beyond the river. They just knew that a river was outside, they found out since searching the household before purchasing it and moving into it.

I would love to see these two together. Two individuals finally meeting each other. But I also would love to see the sadness on the outside. I’d also like to see the hazards, the danger, the crimes. I just want to see what the imagination hides behind. I want to see reality.

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