1. Channel Between Two Best Friends

Welcome Fans & Movellians, R.G. BRIDGE is finally here! This is a story that will surprise you every so often. It is a story that will keep you feeling loved. A story that won't leave you hanging for too long . . .

(1) Channel Between Two Best Friends

From what started off as neighbours; a boy, a girl with two families that were quite similar in how they looked after their kids. Family-friendly, kind-hearted, and very supportive to each other. The boy to the village was known as: ‘Jacob,’ a boy who actually had quite an imagination. Always found adventures in the farms nearby, the long spiralled pathways that would always meet following a forest. And then there was the girl, beautiful, young, but had outside friends. Friends that were nearby, but friends that were out there in the outside world.

This girl known to the village by: ‘Alisa,’ known for her beauty, her helpful, kind behaviour towards others. She too liked to adventure in the world, finding stories across rivers, in the dark forests at night. And would spend most her mornings on the farm. She just couldn’t lose that imagination, those thoughts that built a world around her. Her parents being quite busy still looked out for her when they could. Little did they know what a world of confusion she lived in. Fooled by her own stories, her own memories, she couldn’t see the dangers in front of her.

Jacob being quite different, very similar in a sense to the girl. He didn’t see confusion, but he did see a world of danger. Hazards far and wide with dangerous drops, destruction caused by people that he saw as infected. But they were just the people going through tough times. Alisa did see the ‘infected’ as everyday people. She even tried to get to know these strangers. Jacob on the other hand avoided all contact with these troublesome others. Always hiding away from them, and only ever talking to family or friends. ‘friends,’ a word he didn’t quite understand. He never really had a friend, he just had his family which always looked out for him.

Alisa was an only child, as her so-called sister left her family for what she wanted in her future. After finding out that she was adopted; she couldn’t live with them. She moved out with a guy that wasn’t very trust worthy. He played her, and she fooled for it- but it made her happy. She still being with that scum-of-a-guy. She clearly saw something better in him that others could not. Maybe she too had an imagination that not even Alisa could see. This imagination may have led her to fall for such a man. But what caused her to stick to him like glue? Nobody knows. People on the outside talk about it but never quite get a reasonable explanation from it.

Between these two children was something that separated them but never kept them away from each other. If only they had known that a river should never split up two –soon-to-be friends. If only Jacob was ready to take that first step across his fear of heights. If only Alisa could swim- then maybe she too would’ve found the courage to cross a deep river.

These two fears kept them away from each other. They were forced to spend their time alone or with siblings. Jacob, a lucky kid had the ability to play out with his little brothers. Alisa found that talking to her friends online soothed her weekends. Keeping her occupied, but some of her friends laughed at her for not being able to go anywhere outside. Her parents, mainly her father not feeling too impressed with her responsibility she had once been given in the past. Alisa failed to follow rules, she explored outside of her home to find what her father kept from her for quite some time. She still didn’t quite understand what was being hidden, but her mother tried to explain it in the best words she could find.

Now, you might be thinking that she has had it tough. You’d be right, but isn’t it great that she can’t meet this ‘Jacob?’ The only boy who lives in range. And isn’t it far better that Jacob has no distractions? No friends to separate him from his true brothers? This is probably all good. And if one was to ever try to disobey, to explore the world out of their homes. Don’t you think they would find danger with strangers? Stranger danger? No? Okay, then consider yourselves stupid from now on. These two should never have met each other. It was a disaster waiting to happen, and a story that just wanted to build up tension for those that loved, cared for these two. And that wasn’t the whole world. That was such a small percent- including you, maybe. So, do you really want to care about these two individuals? Who cares about their future? Nobody except ‘possibly you’ and their parents who swore to never put them in harm’s way.

What if I was to tell you that these two would meet each other? Am I spoiling it for you? Well, I haven’t exactly spoiled anything here. I’ve told you what I would like to happen. You may have other things in mind as do I. But what if these two were to meet each other and never look back? I mean, they both have quite an imagination. And with their thoughts colliding, you can kind of picture them being the best of friends. Two strangers meeting each other for the first time, a boy, a girl, and then we have the others that don’t quite fit in. Remember that.

Welcome to the story of two. A story from two individuals that will leave you hanging for a very long time…

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