He's kinda perfect

Ellie Greene was forced to uproot her whole life and move to Sydney, Australia, and for what? So her and her family can go live with her moms new boyfriend. She leaves her family, friends, and her boyfriend to go live with a man who is conceded, selfish as hell, and just a down right asshole.
Ellie told herself that no one is as good a her boyfriend Adam, but than she finds herself falling for a boy who shouldn't even matter. Who shouldn't even had noticed her.
But out of her getting too attached she finds herself in a predicament that could change her life.

Hey :) this is my first time posting a story I've written and idk if u guys will like it but I hope u do


2. "Umm, hi"

I walk in the door and everyone is frantic. "I thought I told you to be home two hours ago" Mom yelled at me.

"Sorry that it was hard for me to leave my boyfriend" I went up to my room in a rage.

All I found was a ton of boxes. Bitches put my shit away.

I rushed to Nick's room and found him on the floor next to all his boxes...asleep, total face palm moment.

"Honey, come help me with the living room!" Mom yelled up to me.

When I got down there all I wanted to do was scream. Nobody will ever understand how frustrated she makes me "So I had to be here two hours ago and Nick isn't even awake?!"

"He just got home too. I packed all your guys stuff while you were gone." Of course.


We were on the plane to Sydney and thank God I wasn't seated next to any of my family. I was seated next to a girl who actually kind of reminds me of myself a little.

"So are you going to Sydney on vacation?" The girl asked.

"No, I'm moving there" Even saying that makes me want to cry.

"Oh, cool, me too" She said with a huge smile.

"Really?" I never thought I'd see another person from upstate New York move to Australia. By upstate New York I mean cow country. I lived in the only city in the county, which only has like fourteen-thousand people. So we're really about community, everybody knows everybody, you either know of them or your related to them. So it's going to be super different down there. I'm probably not going to like it.

"Ya, I'm from Gouverneur, what about you?" She asked, definitely hoping I'd be close, and we're actually only about forty minuets from each other.

"Ogdensburg" I replied.

"Wow, even closer than I thought what's your name?" She's like twenty questions over here.

"Ellie Green"

"Oh, I've herd of you" What did I say? "My sister dated your brother Nate."

"Of course, haha, who's your sister?" So I most likely know of her. I wouldn't have met her because Nate only dates girls for like two months. I think he has commitment issues, to be honest.

"Dana McMahon"

"Oh, I remember her, so your Lillian than?" Dana was my favorite, I was so pissed that he broke up with her.

"Yup, she's in the back row seats"

"At least he'll know someone when we get there" Someone his age anyway "How old are you by the way?" I'm pretty sure she's only like sixteen.

"seventeen, how old are you?" Oh, older than I thought.

"Seventeen too, but my birthday is in two months" It's kind of nice to know someone my age.

"Oh my god, me too. When's your birthday?" 

"October 31st" I replied with a little excitement. 

"Awesome, mine is the 30th" She said. Ok, now this is getting weird. 

"Do you know what your address is?" I told her what mine is and she started flipping out and everyone in the surrounding area started staring at us. She instantly went straight to maps on her phone and flipped out even more.

"We're only like a ten minuet walk from each other!" This is even weirder. Well at least I'll have someone I know.


Ok, I literally only got to get up three times within the twenty-three hour flight and I felt like I was going to die. That was the worst experience of my life. We went through at least three storms while I was awake and it scared the shit out of me. They tell you to "keep calm", like fuck no, I'll freak out as much as I want to, I might crash into the water and die assholes.


Three hours later and we all finally got unpacked. First thing I did was skype Adam on my laptop.

"Hey, what time is it there?" He asked, looking wicked friggin tired.

"One in the afternoon, what about there?" I think it's a fourteen hour difference, but I'm not sure.

"Three in the morning" He smiled, no wonder he's tired "When did you get there?" 

"I think it would have been nine in the morning in New York, but it was eleven at night here. It took us three hours to get unpacked. I have wicked jet leg so I just woke up, I didn't fall asleep until four in the morning." To be honest, jet leg sucks ass.

"Oh, I'm sorry. What was it like when you got there?"

"It wasn't as hot as I thought it'd be. It was only fifty-four out. I always thought it'd be hot no matter what, haha. But than I looked up the seasons in Australia a couple of hours ago and their the total opposite as the U.S. Summer is Winter here and Spring is Fall here, and it's so much easier over here, the season starts at the beginning of the month. I looked up the education system here too and your going to graduate six months before me. It's weird here, they don't do vacations like us. They start the new school year in January and end in December."

I saw the look of shock on his face when I told him that "How does that work? You don't get any vacations?"

"No, in the beginning of each season they have a two week vacation which is the end of each semester, so the schools here still have six months left." This is all going to take some time to get used to.

"That's just weird, but on the other hand, your going to have a six month vacation right? Fucking lucky if you ask me".

"Ya, mom said she wouldn't put us in school half way through the year, It'd be even harder for us to pass any of our tests, not to mention the way they teach is totally different. The down fall is that I'm not going to know anyone, it's gonna be boring as hell...and your not here." I whispered the last part.

"It's going to be boring over here too cause your not here."


The next six days past with me just watching Netflix for sixteen hours strait and only getting up to go to the bathroom, so I decided to walk around and see what it's like here.

"Hey Ellie, guess what I just found out?!" Lillian screamed over the phone.

"Haha, what?"

"Five seconds of summer is on break from touring!" She most likely wants to scout out the city for them or something.

"Awesome, but you know they're always going to have security around them even if we do somehow see them." It's a very, very, very slim to none chance we'll even see a flock of fans.

"But we live in the same area as them, so we have a bigger chance" She seams really hopeful, but I'm not.

"Ok, well I gotta go, I'm going to walk around" I said.

"Alright, bye, and be on the lookout" Are we spies now?

"Bye" I went strait to maps on my phone because I've only been walking for like ten minuets and I'm completely lost.

I walked for a little while longer and found myself trying to get out of a hoard of people. I herd the acoustic guitar and flipped shit. That's five seconds of summer!

I pushed through all the girls to get to the front to see them and it was. They're even more gorgeous in person. I noticed Luke in the very front with two extremely big body guards around him. The lyrics started and I realized that they're doing a cover of Lips Of an Angel by Hinder, literally one of my favorite songs of all time. All they have out is Micheal and Luke on acoustic, and Calum and Ashton just singing, although Ashton is tapping the beat.

Once Luke started singing, I noticed he was staring right at me, or at least it looked like it anyway. I'm only 5'4 -a whole foot shorter than him- so he was probably looking at someone behind me or to the side of me.

The whole time he looked right at me...I think, he didn't even look away once. It kind of freaked me out a little.

Once the song ended I tried to make my way through all the girls again, but I felt a hand grab my wrist, so I turned around, and I'm sure I looked like an idiot. My jaw dropped to the ground once I made eye contact with the most sexy human being I've ever seen...Luke Hemmings. I guess he was staring at me.

He pulled me in the little circle of body guards and the girls went crazy. Only a hand full tried to get close, but the guards stopped them. I herd some girls talk about how pretty they think I am, but most of them had negative comments at me like how ugly they think I am and 'why'd he pick her?', but I did hear someone come to my rescue and shut the bitches up.

"Umm, hi" I said ever so smoothly, looking at all four of them and than at the crowd.

"Woa, you're not from here are you?" Luke asked in shock.

"No, I just moved here a week ago from New York" Although I wish I didn't.

"Awesome, we just came back from America a week ago" Ashton said.

"So, what's your name?" Luke asked, looking into my eyes, making me a little uncomfortable.

"Ellie Green"

"Ok Ellie, can you sing?" He asked and I could feel him looking into my soul.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure I can, people always tell me I'm really good at least" I'm not gonna lie, I can't help but get lost in his perfect blue eyes. I wish I could have gotten lost like that in Adam's.

"Alright, let's here something" Micheal said smiling, and it's a really cute one too I might add.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax because I've only ever sang in front of people I'm really close with, so this was really hard.

I started to sing a part of the song Goodbye by Avril Lavighn. I got to the end of the song and I didn't know it at first, but I had a tear escape my eye.

I awoke from my trance when I herd Luke ask me if I was ok and them telling me I'm awesome, and I didn't notice till another moment later when the crowed cheered.

"Umm, I'm fine" All I could think of while I was singing was Adam. I know it's probably not going to last and I need to learn to say goodbye to the relationship.

I'm so out of it that I didn't even see Luke coming toward my face till he touched my cheek to wipe away a tear. I didn't flinch or move away and I don't know why. It might be because I desperately needed someone to do that for me for the last six days, or because his touch sent a jolt down me that made me freeze, and his hand was so warm against my face. All I could do was stare into his eyes because their just so god damn perfect.

"Do you want to sing with us?" Calum said, pulling me out of my trance...again.

"Umm....no, I-I can't" I don't know why, but I just really want to cry right now, and I'm sure as hell not going to do that in front of a lot of people.

"But why not?" Luke actually looked disappointed.

I'm sure I'm starting to get hives now, cause I feel really hot right now and it's only like fifty out. "Because I-I have to go" I definitely choked on that one and started to feel the tears in my eyes.

I turned around and started walking away before they could say anything. All I herd him say was "but" and "come back" and I'm sure all those bitches are talking mad shit about me right now.

It's going to take a lot more than four famous rock band members to get me to cry in front of that many people.


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