He's kinda perfect

Ellie Greene was forced to uproot her whole life and move to Sydney, Australia, and for what? So her and her family can go live with her moms new boyfriend. She leaves her family, friends, and her boyfriend to go live with a man who is conceded, selfish as hell, and just a down right asshole.
Ellie told herself that no one is as good a her boyfriend Adam, but than she finds herself falling for a boy who shouldn't even matter. Who shouldn't even had noticed her.
But out of her getting too attached she finds herself in a predicament that could change her life.

Hey :) this is my first time posting a story I've written and idk if u guys will like it but I hope u do


6. 'Partners in crime'

A few days went by and Luke and I had been talking everyday since. Most of the time we wouldn't even really have anything to say, so we'd talk about stupid stuff. The main thing he keeps nagging me about is meeting the rest of the band, and I guess they want to meet me for real this time, but I don't know, I guess my social anxiety kicks in, and I give him the most bullshit excuses I can give to not go.

"Hey Ell" Nick said, pulling me off my bed.

"What?" Normally this would piss me off, but I'm in a pretty good mood.

"We're going to the mall together" He pulled me half way down the stairs before I realized I don't have any money.

"With what money?" It's pointless for me to go there with only five dollars.

"With the thirty dollars I just remembered I shoved in my pillow" Dumbass.


We were in the arcade playing air hockey and this fucker is two points to winning.

"So who have you been texting? You haven't been like this since you met Adam" If I tell him now, he'll never let me live it down.

"No one, it's just Lillian. I'm just trying to keep myself happy" I don't even know why I try to lie -especially to him- because I suck at it.

He raised his eyebrows at me, pretty much telling me I shouldn't even try anymore. "If only you weren't such a terrible liar. I know you're trying to keep yourself happy -and I thank god for that- but I know your not just talking to Lillian".

"Nick, I'm not going to do what I did last time, I promise, but I'm not talking to another guy, ok" I don't know if you would consider Luke and I talking or just friends.

He took a shot at my goal and made it, asshole. So I took the puck out, took a shot with everything I had, and made it. Now he's gotta be pissed, because we're tied.

I saw a hoard of girls outside and high pitched squealing...god dammit, it distracted me enough to let Nick win. 

"Wow, you suck" He laughed at me, so I punched him in the arm "Oww"  He walked over to the basketball thing and right as I turn around I feel arms wrap around my waist, I almost flipped out.

"Hey baby" But than I herd the voice.

I instantly turned around and he threw his hands up in the air "I'm just kidding" God I love him, not really, you know what I mean.

Nick came back over and Looked less than thrilled "Ellie, who the hell is this? Wait, I know who you are, our little sister loves you guys, but don't think that just because your famous I won't kill you if you hurt Ellie" Ugh, why does he have to do this.

"So umm, are you her brother?" He actually looks a little nervous...or intimidated, either one.

"Yes" I answered for him. I have to get Luke out of here before Nick says something stupid.

"Twin brother" And that is how he's going to push him away.

"Oh, cool, she said she has brothers, but she didn't say she has a twin" I thought that would have intimidated him more. Than again, Luke is a good five or six inches taller than him, so maybe that's why.

"Ya, my name's Nick" He is definitely not happy.

"Luke, and you don't need to worry, I'm not going to hurt her, and if it's ok with you, I want to get to know her better" I can't believe he just asked Nick permission to keep talking to me, Adam didn't even do that.

"Umm, sure, just don't hurt her, or I'll kill you" Nick looked kind of shocked and I know I sure as hell am.

"Wow, you two even make the same exact facial expressions" It's like he's never seen twins before.

"Ya, come on, let's go" I started to pull Luke out by his arm. We walked down to the food court to sit and he gave me the hot topic bag he'd been holding.

"Take it, I figured I'd get you something since I was here. I have to get my mom a birthday present so..." Adam wouldn't think to get me something if he was by himself. I'm starting to like being friends with him more and more now.

"When's her birthday?" I have to get her a little something for letting me stay the night.

"The thirtieth, open it already" Persistent much.

I opened it and pulled out a batman hoodie "I love it" I really do though, it's big, I love big hoodies.

"There's more" He smiled even bigger now  "Look at the bottom"

I pulled out a pair of batman bracelets that said 'partners in crime' "One's for you and one's for me"

"I really love what you got me -and I'm not complaining- but you know you didn't have to get me anything right?" The only time I got clothes from Adam was my birthday and Christmas.  

"I know, but I was already shopping and I saw that stuff and thought of you, so I got it" I wonder why I'm on his mind so much, like, I'm just me, boring old me. Why would someone so famous think of me all the time?


"Why do you wait til last minuet to tell me these things?" Lillian seriously needs to meet a guy of her own, than maybe she won't act like this when I tell her things.

"I don't, I was just with him until I got here"

"So when are you going to see him again?" I can't even get over how into this she's getting.

"I don't know, every time we've seen each other we didn't plan it. We always seem to just run into each other" I said.

After I said that she gave a really mischievous look.

"What?" I'm so confused.

"Nothing, it's nothing" I guess I can overlook this.

I was walking back home when my phone started to ring. I thought it would have been my Mom because I didn't tell her I was going to Lillian's, but on the screen was Luke's name. I didn't want to be completely rude, so I answered. I know I said I was going to dive right in, but I guess I'm kind of scared now. Adam was the only guy I've ever truly loved and I just don't want to get hurt again.

"Hello" I said.

"Hey, so what are you doing tonight" This is probably the most confident I've herd him be.

"Umm, I've got stuff to do" Wow, that was lame, I suck.

"Ya, like lay in bed and finish watching American Horror Story all by yourself?" Am I really that predictable?

I didn't speak for about fifteen seconds only because I didn't think of anything to say till he spoke again.

"Am I right?" 

"Yes" I said quietly "But American Horror Story is life" I'm probably going to be up till one-thirty in the morning, but I need to finish it.

"Ok, but why don't you come and hang out with me and the guys" This is probably the eighth time he's asked me this in the past two or three days.

"Ok, if I do will you stop harassing me about it?" I know I keep saying this, but I'm giving him points for persistence. 

"Maybe" Since when is he so sly?

"Ok, well give me a minuet to get home" I got ready to say goodbye, but than a convertible lime green mustang GT turned the corner and in that beautiful car...was Luke.

We both hung up at the same time. I shoved my phone in my pocket, ran over to the car, and probably looked like I was going to melt. "Oh my god, it's gorgeous, I've never actually been this close to one of these before. It's just so beautiful" If you can't tell by now, I fall harder for cars than I do for people.

"So I guess you like it" He said.

"No, I love it" I got inside and the leather seats were amazing.

"Almost as much as you love me?" He did the most awkward wink that it even made himself laugh.

"Let's not push it bud" I can't say I love him yet, but I definitely like him...and it's scaring the hell out of me.


The few hours we hung out for actually wasn't as weird or awkward as I thought it was going to be. They're all pretty awesome, except Ashton has a bit of a temper, not that he freaked out or anything, I could just tell.

"Are you doing anything tomorrow?" Mikey asked. I called him Micheal, but he insisted that I call him Mikey.

"Cause we're going to record one of our songs and I know Luke would want you to come" He nudged Luke in the shoulder and his face got wicked red "Or are you just going to come up with another excuse to not hang out with us again?"

"No, and I honestly think that finishing the rest of American Horror Story is a valid excuse" I said, half joking.

"Than watch it with us" Calum said.

"Fine, but I gotta get home before my Mom shoots me" And she probably will.

"Ok, well let me drive you home than" Luke said, he's just too damn cute.

We pulled into my driveway and Nick and Nate looked like they were going to shit a brick, and I'm assuming Luke saw their faces because he burst out laughing "Their faces though" He said, laughing.

"Is that why you drove me home?" I said laughing too.

"Kind of, but mostly because I want to do this" He said getting out of the car.

I got out of the car also and ran up to him, but it was too late, he was already opening the door.

"What are you doing?" I said, trying to push him out of the door, but again, it was too late, my family was already bombarding him.

"Dude, is that your car?" Nate asked, totally mesmerized.

"Ya" Luke said. He's obviously used to this.

The questions, fan-girling from my sister, and glaring from Nick stopped a minuet later when my Mom jumped in.

"So who's this handsome young man that my daughter has neglected to tell me about?" Wow, she's actually attempting to sound serious.

"Mom, that's-" Mom cut Amanda off with a 'Shh'.

"Luke Hemmings" He stuck his hand out for her to shake it, but she brought him in for a hug, she is seriously so weird.

"I'm so glad your helping Ellie move on from that fucking douche bag Adam...and she somehow even got a rock star" She mouthed 'good job' with a thumbs up behind his back, than let him go "Come sit down"She said, pulling him into the living room.

Honestly, I kind of feel bad for Luke, because the whole half hour he was here was pretty much a mix of an interview and an interrogation. Mom was asking him his whole life story, Nate was making sure he's not a fuckboy, Amanda was in so much shock she was completely silent, just staring at him, and Nick walked out half way through looking like he was totally pissed.


I sat in my room watching American Horror Story when Luke called me "Hello" I said, totally engrossed in the show.

"So your family seems nice" He said laughing.

"Oh my god, I know, they're freaks, just don't let them get to you" It was like a game of twenty questions with them.

"It's fine, so are you coming to see me tomorrow?" He asked, now there's the nervous Luke I know.

"Sure" I've always wanted to see the process of how music is professionally recorded. 

I could tell his face definitely lit up "Ok, I'll pick you up at ten-thirty"

"Alright" This is actually really exciting.

The rest of our conversation consisted of AHS, his show right now -Lost-, random shit, and his attempt at flirting with me.

"Night beautiful" Luke said with the most confidence he could probably summon up.

"What?" I asked immediately after he said that, but he hung up.

A minuet later my sister walked in and like her awkward self, just stood there for a second looking...awkward "Hey Ellie?"

"Yes?" I love her to death, but she's just so damn awkward.

"Umm, I got a question" Wow, she's wicked nervous. She picked at her thumb nails like I do when I get wicked nervous, but she only does it when shes wicked nervous.

"What is it?" I love this girl so much I paused my show for her "You know you can come sit down"

She plopped down next to me on my bed "So what's it like?"

"What's what like?" I wish I understood this girl.

"Being Luke Hemmings girlfriend" Her face lit up wicked when she said that.

"What?! He's not my boyfriend, are you kidding me?" I knew she was going to say something like that, but I still found myself blushing.

"No? But you like him, I can tell, or your face wouldn't be red" She's such a brat.

"We're just friends and I don't like him like that" I can't tell her I like him, she'd never let me live it down.

"Your such a liar, how can you not? Actually, I understand, I'm more of a Calum girl myself" I cut her off before she could rant about how perfect she thinks he is.

"Ok Amanda, we're just friends, now go to bed, Mom'll shoot you if she finds you still awake" She needs to go before she makes me say something stupid.

"Fine" She walked out and I called Luke again.

"Hey, What's up?" He asked with a yawn.

"Can you do me a favor?" I can't get over how mean I am, Amanda's going to hate me forever.

"Ya, what?" He asked with a groggy voice.

"When you come over, can you bring Calum with you?" I'm such an ass.

"Sure, why?" He's good at questions tonight.

"Ok, so my sister is totally in love with him and she wouldn't stop being annoying, saying that we're dating, and-" He cut me off.

"She said we're dating?" He asked.

"Ya, so I was going to have him come over like it was out of nowhere and see her looking like a bum. Only cause I know it'll piss her off" I laughed.

"Haha, ok, I'll talk to him"

"Thanks, night" I said.

"Night, bye"


Luckily, my mom was the only one awake in the house, so I opened the door to see Luke and Calum "Hey guys" I smiled to them and led them upstairs.

I told Mom to prepare herself ahead of time, so she didn't freak out about Amanda screaming.

I stopped at her closed door and let Calum do his thing.

"Honestly, I think she's gonna love you, not hate you afterwards" Luke said to me.

"Maybe a mix of both I guess. Just goes to show how nice of a sister I am than" I said sarcastically.

A few seconds later an ear piercing scream filled the house and Luke and I covered our ears. I give the girl props for being able to scream like that for as long as she did.

Nick and Nate came running out of their rooms in a panic "It's ok guys" I said.

Nate looked at Luke and than to Amanda's room "Ohh" He laughed once he realized what I did "You're such a dick, she's gonna hate you "

"Ya, she's gonna kill you" Nick said.

They both shared a laugh and went back to their rooms.

Amanda walked out a minuet later and whispered into my ear "I'm going to murder you"


"So how'd it go?" Ashton asked.

"She told me she's going to murder me" I said, almost laughing.

"I guess in a prissy thirteen year old girls eyes, I couldn't think of anything more evil" Mikey said.

"I know this is all funny for you guys, but my ears still feel like their bleeding" Calum said, and we all laughed.

They went into the room behind the glass and started playing a few minuets later.

I never thought it would be so interesting to be the person on this side of the glass.

They had to restart the same song a lot, but every time they did, they got me more and more into the song, and I swear, there's almost no auto tune at all.

Luke stared at me from the other side of the glass like the first time we saw each other.

After two hours, they were finally all done and Luke ran up to me "So what did you think?" He asked, almost panting.

"I loved it, I always loved your guy's music, but it's really awesome hearing you guys like this, and seeing what goes on back here is cool too. I never realized how much these guys did until now" I'd love to have this job.

"Ya, I don't know what we'd do without these guys" Mikey said to them.

"Thanks, but we gotta go" The guy said and they all walked out.

"You know this could totally be you one of these days. You've got an amazing voice" Ashton said.

"It's not that good" I said.

"Umm, ya, it is, don't sell yourself short, you're awesome" Mikey chimed in.

I couldn't help but smile a little bit "Thanks"



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