He's kinda perfect

Ellie Greene was forced to uproot her whole life and move to Sydney, Australia, and for what? So her and her family can go live with her moms new boyfriend. She leaves her family, friends, and her boyfriend to go live with a man who is conceded, selfish as hell, and just a down right asshole.
Ellie told herself that no one is as good a her boyfriend Adam, but than she finds herself falling for a boy who shouldn't even matter. Who shouldn't even had noticed her.
But out of her getting too attached she finds herself in a predicament that could change her life.

Hey :) this is my first time posting a story I've written and idk if u guys will like it but I hope u do


13. "He'd still be controlling me"

August 25th (week 1/2 later)

"Ell, we can't, people are going to be here in like five minuets" Luke said, trying to hold his ground, but we all know he'll give in at some point. Ever since our first time it's been his weakness. We're both almost the equivalent to nympho's, so we just can't resist. I just didn't want our relationship to start out like that like my last one, but now it's different. Our sex isn't based on pleasing just our-self, we want to please each other more than our-self, which I feel is how it's supposed to be.

"But Luke" I said with a pouty face and I think I just broke him, because he grabbed my ass from my straddle and plopped me down on the bed.

"Why do you do this to me?" He said with a smile and took off his shirt.

I giggled "Because I can" I wrapped my arms around his neck and rolled him on his back.

"And you think you're gonna start out being dominant?" He asked with a sly smile.

"Yes" I said and hopped off for a moment to shimmy his pants down.

Once they were half way down his dick was already as throbbing "Well isn't someone eager" I said a second before I kissed his hip bone, which I've noticed he loves.

He moaned and than I kissed his head. I figured I'd tease him for a little bit before I actually did anything, so I just lightly liked the tip of the head and than all the way down his shaft and balls. 

His moans got even louder, so I just went to town. I believe in making love to it, so it pleases him more. I figure if you're doing it, you better make it good and not just all half assed like you don't care at all.

"Shit, get up" He said and I did.

"Why?" I asked in confusion.

"Cause I was gonna cum" I raised my eyebrow a little.

"And that's bad because?" Isn't that what guys want?

"Because I actually want to have sex before I cum" He said.

"ohhh" I said in enlightenment.

I pulled aside the leg to my yoga shorts and hopped on top, his face was perfect. I love that face guys make when they look almost possessed, just goes to show how good of a job you're doing.

And not even a second later his brother Jack busted through the door, but than turned right back around, causing me to hop off like lighting, and Luke to fall onto the floor "Sorry, I'll come back up later"

He closed the door and I couldn't help but laugh, which in turn made him laugh "I told you this was going to happen" He zipped up his pants and threw his shirt back on.

I was still laughing "I don't care as long as it's not your parents who catch us" Now that's what I call embarrassing.

"Ya, I guess, but Jack is never going to let this go, I already know" He said, looking embarrassed as hell.

"So, just don't be embarrassed. In my opinion it's not the worst thing he could have caught you doing" I said, trying to sound positive.

"Ya, and what's worse than that?" He said.

"Umm" I had to think for a second "He could have caught you eating me out"

"Ehh, I guess he would ask how I stand that 'fishy' smell" He said with air quotes around fishy.

"Fishy?" I asked, a little offended, I didn't think I smelled that bad.

"No, you don't smell fishy, you actually smell like doritos to me, and come on, who doesn't like doritios?" Nice save.

"Doritos?" I asked with my eyebrow up.

"Ya, and you taste like sourpatch kids too, so I don't mind eating you out anyway" Weird, but ok, I guess it's better than being fishy.

My eyebrow was still raised "Ok, I guess that's a good thing" 

"Trust me, it is. I guess he's just never found the right girl yet" He said, and inched closer to me to give me a kiss.

"Ya, I guess" I replied and looked over at my phone to see texts from literally all of my family members telling me to come home because Brett is pissed...like usual "Ugh, I gotta go" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Why?" He asked, looking a little crushed.

"Everybody's telling me to come home because Brett is pissed" I said as unenthusiastic as possible.

"Ok" He looked down at his hands "Let's go than I guess" He got up and pulled me up as well.

We went downstairs and Luke just wasn't having his brothers comments today "I want details later bud"

"Jack, just shut the fuck up" Luke said and Jack just about fell out of the chair in shock.

We walked out the door into his car and Luke looked totally emotionless for some reason. It's not like this is the first time he's had to bring me home cause of Brett. I still don't get this kid. "Luke?" I asked and he snapped out of it finally.

"Ya?" He asked with one of the fakest smiles I've ever seen.

"Are you ok?" I asked. He's seriously so weird sometimes, oh well, as long as he's ok I can let it slide.

"Oh, ya" 


We pulled in Brett's driveway a few minuets later and I kissed Luke before I summoned up the courage to walk inside. He's seriously going to kill me this time.

"Are you sure you're ok going in by yourself?" Luke asked with that cute concerned look he gets.

"Ya, I'm kinda used to this now anyway" I said, shrugging my shoulders.

His face turned from concerned to almost pissed off in an instant "Well you shouldn't be. He has no right to yell at you the way he does sometimes, I mean, it's not like he's your dad" When he said that last part I almost cried. My dad, the single worst person I know. When my mom was pregnant for Nick and I and he completely abandoned her -and she found out not too much longer from his brother that he had been cheating on her the whole two years they were together- and tried to convince her to abort us, because it wasn't "convenient" for him. I guess he was forced by our grandma to come to our birth and he wasn't even really there for it, he snuck out to hang out to hang out with his friends. He used to take us once a month till we were like five and than he kind of just dropped us like we were nothing. The only thing we know him by is the forty dollars a month mom gets from child support -if she's lucky- and every Christmas he sends us twenty dollars each with a card that pretty much says "sorry for my negligence, can you possibly one day forgive me?" It's pathetic, and I don't even think he remembers our birthday. We have not once gotten a happy birthday, only from our Grandma. It's sad, but I try not to think about it or let it bother me.

I watched Luke drive away and I walked inside, only to get bombarded by Brett "And where have you been?" He asked with his arms crossed and I'm pretty sure steam would be coming out of his ears right now.

"Luke's, Why?" I tried to sound all cool about it to hide the fact that I'm screaming inside right now.

"All last night? It's almost five o'clock" Congratulations, you can tell time. Fucking asshole. 

"Mom told me I could, so I did" I swear, if I keep up the attitude he's probably going to slap the shit out of me. I wouldn't put it passed him.

"Jen!?" He yelled through the house to her. Shit, I probably shouldn't have thrown her under the bus like that.

"What?!" She yelled before entering the room.

"You let her stay the night there?" He asked all calmly, as if he wasn't just yelling at me.

"Yes, I did. She never does anything wrong, she does everything I ask of her, and now she's finally found a good guy, she deserves to be around him, and she's going to be eighteen in a couple of months. It's her turn to make some decisions of her own and I know that for the most part there going to be good ones" Mom really knows how to preach it.

"But Jen-" Mom cut him off.

"Brett, I'm not one of those parents that's going to keep my child locked up till she leaves the house. If she wants to have sex with her boyfriend than let her, if she wants to get drunk -like we always did- fine" She directed her vision toward me now "Although I hope you don't because look where that got me, very bad decisions, and I don't regret either of you I just wished I waited" Now she was back on Brett "So don't deprive her of life lessons. I feel the only reason I ended up doing the stupid shit I did was because my parents were strict as hell, and she's seen how hard things were for me and I hope she has the good sense to not repeat my mistakes" She ended it and walked back into the kitchen.

Brett just stood there in shock, like he didn't think she would lecture him about that. If they have been talking as long as they have you'd think he'd know how passionate my mom is about things. Oh well, it's his fault, I guess he just didn't pay enough attention to her to know these things about her. Douche bag. 

I walked into the living room and sat next to mom on the couch "Umm, thanks for that by the way" I said awkwardly.

"No problem, I just wish he'd take in to consideration that when I agreed to this I told him that you and Nick don't need a dad. You've gone without a dad for a while now and I think it was for the better, because you two turned out perfect without one" She said that and I thought she was going to cry.

"Thanks" I replied, not knowing what to say "Well we had an awesome mom to take his place" 

"Awe, thanks honey" She paused for a second and looked at me with a smile "The baby is kicking"

I lit up, this is the first time that I've actually been around her when the baby has kicked. I placed my hand on the side of her bellybutton and sure enough, the baby kicked like two times into my hand.

"Wow, it's like she knew where your hand was. She was kicking on the other side the whole time" A few seconds later she stopped kicking.

"So how come you think it's a she?" I asked. She went to the doctors a couple weeks ago, but she ended up wanting the sex to be a surprise.

"I don't know, mothers intuition" She said, shrugging her shoulders.

"I'm thinking if it's a girl she should be named Penelope" That name is just so pretty and I have a feeling she's going to be gorgeous.

"That's pretty, Amanda already said that she should be named Elizabeth and I though that was a pretty good one too, but I guess we'll see what she looks more like when she arrives" She better look more like mom.


I was sitting on my bed watching cutthroat kitchen when I got a text from Lillian "Hey so I'm coming over in a few minuets, be ready for a long story"

I replied with "Ok" because I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about.

About fifteen minuets later I herd the door open and she bolted her way up to my room after saying hi to my mom and that she was staying, which is new to me, she didn't say anything about that.

"So...what do you want to tell me?" I asked.

She threw her bag on the floor and plopped on my bed "So, me and Ashton hung out all day yesterday"

"Is that why you didn't text me today?" I asked, because she always texts me everyday, wanting to know how far I've gone with Luke, mostly because she's the biggest gossiper I know, but I know she cares if I'm happy, knowing what I've gone through with Adam.

"Maybe" She said sarcastically.

"So what'd you guys do?" I asked. Now I know how she feels, I want to know every detail, because honestly I've been shipping them for a while now.

"Well, we didn't do much, but first we walked down to the beach pier and just stood there watching the water, and the cool part, I actually saw some dolphins, it was so cool, oh and I saw a couple of sea turtles. If you can't tell I've always wanted to see those animals" Her ranting usually gets annoying, but I guess I can make an exception today.

"Awesome, I would have killed to see them, there like my favorite animals" I replied with a big smile.

"Than, he took me out to lunch, it was only McDonald's, but still" She gave herself time to breath for once "I tried my first Vegemite burger. It was totally and completely nasty, but I still ate some of it for him, mostly because he bribed me into it. He said that if I ate half of it than he'd give me twenty bucks" Nice.

"So where's the money" I said laughing, knowing she didn't eat half of it.

"Ya, I only ate like four small bites" I laughed even harder "It's just so gross, let's see you try it than" She said, crossing her arms.

"Nah, I'm good, I'll take your word for it" I said, still laughing a little.

"Ok, than he took me over to his house and we watched The Exorcist, which I actually have never seen" Now this is where things start to get good.

"I love that movie, horror movies are my thing" I chuckled.

"I liked it too, it was so corny it was good, but than he just leaned over out of no where and kissed me. It was perfect, not like any of my other boyfriends, they were all sloppy, he was nice about it, he let me lead...but than" She paused for suspension and I knew she could tell I was anxious to see what happened next "My phone rang and mom told me to come home" Her face was literally the strait face emoji right now, that's how annoyed she was. "Because I needed to take my sister to the store. I wasn't happy"  

"Talk about a fuckin boner killer" I said laughing.

"Tell me about it, but either way, our little make out session was perfect" I could see by the look in her eyes that she's genuinely happy, and I could tell that she was really lonely before till now.

"Dude, I'm so happy for you" I said with a big smile.


Lillian and I were binging on cupcake wars when I got a message from of all people, Adam "So When are you going to give up this fantasy that you'll ever find someone that's better to you than I was" I honestly don't know how to feel about this. I'm pissed off, but my eyes started to water and I knew he had just ruined my night.

Lil looked over at me and noticed my watering eyes "What's wrong?" She picked up my phone to see what I read.

"It's nothing, I'm fine" I know she's reading what he said right now and is going to yell at me for telling her it's nothing.

"Ellie" She said firmly "You are officially not going to put up with this shit anymore"

"I try to shrug it off, but he's just so mean that it just hurts you know" I said, wiping my eyes.

"I know, I understand, but since Luke is bringing you back to New York, you can drive out to Adam's and have him meet Luke" She giggled.

"Oh my god, that's actually a really good idea. Luke said if he ever gets the opportunity to ever even see him that he'd beat the living shit out of him, but not before I do that's for sure" I replied with a smile.

"Tell me when it happens" She said giggling some more.

"Of course"


I waited till Lillian was asleep to call Luke and tell him what Adam said, I ignored his text and thank the fucking lord he didn't reply again after that. 

"I swear to fuck, if I ever see him, he's going to wish he'd never even laid eyes on you. How he thinks he was a good boyfriend is beyond me and that's what pisses me off the most. I can't believe he ever got away with treating you like that" He kept ranting on and on and I let him, because it let me get out my crying. 

"Ell, I'm not trying to make you cry" He said, sounding upset now.

"I know, but I just hope he knocks off his shit and finally lets me move on you know" It'll never happen, but a girl can dream.

"Ya, but I just wish you had moved here sooner, so you didn't have to put up with his shit at all" I could tell he wanted hug me. Every time this subject comes up he always gets emotional about it and hugs me. I guess he really didn't want me to be with him.

"Ya, me too, but at least I did move though" I said, trying to be a little optimistic.

"Ya, I don't know what you'd be like if you didn't leave him" He said that and I wanted to cry again.

"He'd still be controlling me" I said under my breath, but he still herd me.

The conversation lasted till midnight when I finally started to get tired and we said our good nights.

Maybe I shouldn't drive to Adams house. He'll probably have the fucking cunt over and I don't know how I'll handle it. I wish I could finally be completely over Adam, but I guess this hold I have on him is what a controlling asshole does to people.  


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