He's kinda perfect

Ellie Greene was forced to uproot her whole life and move to Sydney, Australia, and for what? So her and her family can go live with her moms new boyfriend. She leaves her family, friends, and her boyfriend to go live with a man who is conceded, selfish as hell, and just a down right asshole.
Ellie told herself that no one is as good a her boyfriend Adam, but than she finds herself falling for a boy who shouldn't even matter. Who shouldn't even had noticed her.
But out of her getting too attached she finds herself in a predicament that could change her life.

Hey :) this is my first time posting a story I've written and idk if u guys will like it but I hope u do


10. "close your eyes"

August 15th (three weeks later)


"So Ellie, am I actually going to get to meet this Luke kid today?" Brett asked, like the asshole he is. He's been home like a week and half and already I want him gone. I don't get why he thinks he can act like my dad. I don't need a dad, my real dad has never been there for me, neither have any of my moms old boyfriends, so I don't need a father figure.

"I don't know" I said, and went right back to texting Lillian. "I'm gonna be going over to your house. Brett is pissing me off" I texted her. 

"Ok, see you in a few :)" She replied.

"What do you mean 'you don't know'? Everyone else has met him. Why are you so against me meeting him? Every time I've had the opportunity you come up with some reason for me not to" Ya, cause I don't like you and he knows it. He's trying to sound all calm about it, but I can tell it's really pissing him off.

"I mean I don't know, he hasn't texted me yet about hanging out, so he's probably doing something with his friends. Which I plan on doing actually. I was going to go to Lillian's house" I said, and I think I just pissed him off even more. Good, fucking dick.

"Ok, have fun" Mom said, than going right back into one of the baby books she was reading.

I walked back up to my room, grabbed my purse, and walk to Lillian's.

I got to her house and all I could hear was screaming coming from inside, so I just texted her that I was here and she came right out. 

"What was all that about?" I asked, because I've never herd her parents fight.

"Oh nothing, my dad just likes to start shit with my mom all the time. This time is about money and how my mom spends way too much I guess, but he spends more than she does, so I don't get how he can say that shit. Anyway, umm, let's go somewhere. I kinda don't want to be home" She said, and I don't blame her. 

"Ok, umm, why don't we go to the mall" I said, and she agreed

Half way through our walk Luke texted me "Hey beautiful. Watcha doin?"

"Going to the mall with Lillian hbu"

"Who's that? Is it Adam again, because I swear to fucking god I will take a flight back there and rip his head off than shove it up his goddamn ass" Lillian said. Well shit than. I can't get over how dramatic she is, like holy shit. It's kind of funny.

"Umm, it's Luke, so calm down there killer" I said.

"Ok" Luke texted me "Me and the guys are heading down that way anyway, so we can pick you guys up. Where actually are you though?".

"Ok" I texted back, telling him where we were "So umm, Luke and the guys are going to pick us up" I said to Lil and she looks like she just shit a sideways brick.

"What? I get to meet the rest of them?" She met Luke a couple of weeks ago and she just about had a stroke, so now that I think about it, I don't know how she's going to react to three of them at once.

"Ya, just keep your cool, haha" I said and we went over to the nearest bench and sat down, about five minuets later they showed up in Calum's navy blue Mustang. Luckily Lillian looked like she had enough time to collect herself.

I leaned into the back window that Luke was in "And where are we supposed to sit?"

"Umm, you can sit on my lap and she can sit next to me and Ash I guess" Luke said.

"Fine, but you know I'm going to crush you" I said and we got in the car.

We sat in silence for about three minuets and than I decided to introduce everyone to Lil. "So guys, this is Lillian. We actually moved here the same day and even weirder; we only lived like forty-five minuets away from each other in New York". 

They all looked at her and smiled "Hey" 

"That is kinda weird. How do you end up living so close to each other, moving to the same continent on the same day, and than only living like three blocks away from each other. You're like friendship soulmates" Mikey said.

"Haha, ya I guess so" I said.

"So, we're gonna go back to our house and chill later, you guys wanna come?" Ashton asked, looking at Lillian. Oh my god, it's finally happening for her! Her fantasy is actually coming true. Ashton has been saying that he wants to meet her. I guess I just never connected the dots.

I looked over at her and she was completely froze "Ya, we will" I said for her, because this is what she's been dreaming about for a long time.

The whole rest of the car ride/mall trip they were talking to Lillian and trying to make her seem like a part of the family, and she's finally starting to loosen up a little, finally being herself.

We did get stopped a couple of times by a group of girls and they were totally silently hating on us. I got a few dirty looks cause I held Luke's hand the whole time and Lil got a couple -that I noticed anyway- but that's probably only because she wasn't being intimate with any of them. But other than that, it was really fun to hang out with everyone like this -if you can't tell i'm kind of antisocial and I never really hung out with anyone, so this is different for me- it's nice. 

"So are you sure your ok with people seeing us in public like this? You don't want to keep it a secret?" I asked. I mean, most famous people don't like their relationships getting out there too quick, so I don't see why he'd be any different.

"Ya, why? It just seems like a big hassle to keep a secret, so why not? We both really like each other, so it shouldn't matter" He said, and I think I started to fall in love even more. He likes showing me off.

I smiled "Ya, I guess, we shouldn't care what other people would think" Although I always tend to let people get to me sometimes, but I'm going to try my damn hardest to block out the hate.


We were all sitting in the guys living room and we were all just talking -even Lillian- and Luke pulled me up off the couch. "I've got something to show you" He said smiling.

"Ok" I said and fallowed him to the kitchen "So what is it?"

He went over to the counter "Close your eyes and put out your hand"  So I did and felt paper touch my hand "You can open your eyes now"

I did and saw two plane tickets back to Syracuse -only a two hour drive from where I used to live- and just about died. I put my hands to my face and shed a couple of tears "Oh my god, thank you" I said. He knew how much I missed my family even though I didn't say anything.

"No problem" He said and than gave me a tight hug.

I kissed him and than started crying like a baby "Thank you so much"

"Your welcome. I knew how much you miss your family, I mean you talk about them all the time, so I figured why not give you the chance to see them again and I don't see why your Mom wouldn't let you go, so ya" This is literally the best thing he could have ever done for me. I don't know how I can ever repay him for this.

"So you wanted to come too?" I asked. You'd think he'd want to stay since he's taking a break from traveling.

"Well ya, I wanna meet the rest of your family. They seem pretty cool" He's so goddamn sweet, I just can't get over it.

"Their going to love you, especially my Grandma" I got super excited and energetic all of a sudden and starting going off about my family again.

"The tickets are for the September second till the fourth, so you have a few days with them" I'm seriously in so much shock right now I'm like frozen now. It's finally hitting me: I can see my family again. "Are you ok?" He asked.

"Ya,I'm just so happy I can't even explain it" I said and he hugged me again.

When we walked out of the room Ash, Cal, Mikey, and Lil were waiting on the other side of the wall. "Dude you're so lucky" Lil said and hugged me "I'm so happy for you" 

"Thanks" I said and all the guys came and hugged me because they saw the tears on my cheeks.


It got to be nine-thirty and I decided to go back home so I could tell my mom the news. The whole ride home all I did was smile like an idiot.

"Do you wanna come in with me and tell them all with me?" I asked him, so we got inside and Brett was the first one to come up to him.

"Are you the Mr. Luke Hemmings I've herd so much about?" He asked.

"Ya, are you Brett?" I could tell he was holding back a lot of anger.

"Yes, so she's talked about me?" He asked. Oh, he doesn't even know the half of it.

"Ya, a little" He said and than looked at me to go over to my mom.

"Guess what?!"

"Ok, what?" She asked and I flashed her the plane tickets. "Oh my god honey, Luke did this for you?"

"Ya, I didn't even know what to do I was so happy" Her face lit up in excitement for me and so did mine.

"When is it for?" She asked.

"September second till the fourth" I said and she hugged me.

"Ok, is he going with you?" She asked, sounding concerned.

"Ya, he got tickets for the both of us" Another tear escaped my eye and she started hugging me again.

"What's going on?" Amanda asked, coming in from the kitchen.

"Ellie's going home to see Grandma and everybody thanks to Luke" Mom said and Amanda looked like a mix of happy and sad at the same time.

"That's awesome, but tell everybody that I say hi and I miss them" She said and than hugged me.

She walked over to Luke and hugged him, and I don't think he knew what to do, so he just hugged her back a little. His face was pretty funny though, I don't think he saw that coming from her at all. "Thanks for doing this for her. You're a keeper" She said and like the awkward person she is -like everyone else in this family- she walked away.

"Yes Ellie, he most definitely is a keeper" Mom said and gave him a hug, which I don't think he saw coming again.

"Ya, he's alright" Brett said.

I herd foot steps coming from upstairs and than Nick and Nate showed up "Ya, he's alright" Nick said and gave him a nod of approval.

"Ya, he's ok in my book" Nate said. "Anyone who would do this for Ellie is alright".

A few minuets later Luke left and I went up to my room and just laid down with a huge smile on my face.   




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