The Orphan and The Runaways


1. Prologue (Alec)

I grew up in a small village a few miles from the sea and far enough away from any major town that the world seemed to forget about it. It was a peaceful childhood filled with seagulls and fresh air. Nothing that happened in the capital ever reached us aside from yet more stories about death. But my parents and I lived in our little town with our regular kind of life. I would get up every morning and go to the neighbours and learn about the country with the rest of the children from the village. I never thought that much of it.

Like any other kid, I slowly grew bored of my life in the seaside village. I longed for the action I had heard about since before I could remember. Dorian Hourbridge and his troops marched south and all I could do was learn about the history of Convale. 

My mother, bless her soul, was a wonderfully kind woman who would do all the sewing for the town. She never asked any money for it but did it with a kind heart. My father, bless his soul, was a quiet brooding sort of man,a good honest person who lived, worked and died. They were good parents, hardly ever too harsh and just enough kindness to fill my childhood with love. 

Before you listen on to the action and adventure you all want to hear, hear this: you don’t want this sort of life. All the peace that bores you, you will long for if you had this sort of life. It is better to imagine this than to go through it but since you’re already listening, I’ll tell you my story.


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