Safety Pin

We'll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together...


1. broken boy meets broken girl

"Sorry Hail, but I'm breaking up with you..." He said to me while placing his hands in his pockets. He walked away not even waiting for a reply. When I lost sight of him I turned back and stared at the huge Christmas tree. I sighed, mist from the hot air I breathed escaped through my lips. I walked home alone. I wasn't crying but I'm supposed to... Right? And it should hurt more because it's Christmas and the only gift I recieved was a break-up.

The streets were filled with families and couples. It was sickening of course but I managed to tolerate it. I called my best friend April.

"Hello?" April asked.

"April it's me hailee..." I said gloomily.

"Oh hay hail!!!! What happened? You don't sound so good." She said concerned.

"Caleb broke up with me..." I said bluntly.

"wHAT?!!?! That son of a- grrrrr!! Where are you?" She growled.

"By the huge Christmas tree why?" I asked.

"Found you." She said as she ended the call. I saw her driving towards me in her silver porsche. She opened the passenger side. "Get in." I got in and closed the door.

"When?" She asked.

"Just a little while ago... Where are we going?" I said.

"We're gonna go to a party." She responded.

"Whose?" I asked.

"Mine." She smiled.

*April's house*

Her hous is basically a mansion. She was very rich. Her dad is a judge and her mom works as a secretary for the president. Our parents work together so that's how I knew her. I'm kinda rich too but I don't like showing it, not like April.

There were tons of people. I saw my other friends too. I went go get a drink with April then I saw Caleb across the room. I felt needles pierce my heart but still no tears. I tapped on April's shoulder and nodded towards his direction. Her brows furrowed. She suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me upstairs to her room.

"What are we doing here?" I asked. She opened her closet and started pulling clothes out and placing them on her bed.

"I'm gonna give you a makeover." She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause we're gonna show that son of a bitch what a big mistake it was to let you go." She said smirking.

She asked me to try on a few clothes. She kept on saying no until she found another dress for me to try on. "This is perfect for you!!" She squealed handing it to me. It was a black dress that reached above my knees. It had a laced back and short sleeves. It came with a gold belt to show my small waistline.

"It's... Gorgeous..." I said in awe. I wore it right away and she said it suited me.

"Now time for your makeup!!" She said raising her massive kits of makeup. She used eyeliner and mascara. She let me wear red lipstick and coated it with lip gloss after. She placed my brown hair into a messy bun.

"I look like a cat." I told her.

"Yeah a SEXY cat!" She laughed as I laughed along with her. She gave me her black wedges as we went out of the room.

I was walking down the staircase with April by my side. I could feel everyone's head turning towards our direction.

"Everyone's staring at you." I told her.

"More like at you." She giggled.

I saw Caleb staring too. Our eyes met for a second then I looked away. When we finally got to the bottom of the staircase, I accidentally hit someone.

"Sorry..." I said looking up. Black eyes met mine.

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