This dystopian novel is about friendship, adventure and finding out who you truly are.


3. Restricted

The door opened onto a corridor with opaque windows on the top.  There were doors to either side of me, the twelve, I assumed, and in front there were seven more doors.  A door a couple down opened and a tall boy with spiked up hair entered the corridor, except he had a yellow blindfold on and he stood by the door he had come out of.  Another appeared, a short girl from the door just to the left of me. She also had on a blindfold, but hers was light blue.  Six of the seven doors in front of me opened and a person walked out of each.  A muscular woman with a rugged face and short, chopped blonde hair came out of the yellow door and took the tall boy with the spikes back into her door.   Many others had come out of the doors next to me, each with a blindfold that matched one of the colours of the doors and they were taken by someone into the matching door.  I began to walk around wondering if there had been some mistake.  Why did I not have a blindfold?  Others kept being taken and I moved around them, trying to get someone’s attention. But the leaders of the colours, or whoever they are, all just steered their blindfolded newly sorted around me and kept going.  After a couple of minutes another person appeared from one of the month doors, a boy, just a little bit shorter than me and had short, sandy hair that lay on top of his head like a dead animal.  He also had no blindfold covering his eyes.  I quickly walked over to him, almost bumping into a red blindfolded person. His deep brown eyes were wide, but he did not look afraid, more like he was studding out new environment.  “What did you choose?”  I asked, and he raised his eyebrow at me. “I chose Restricted, and you did to didn’t you?”  he said.  When he talked his mouth moved very little in an unsettling way, but his voice was perfectly clear.  “Yes, how did you know?”  I said quietly, but since everyone else was silent as they moved it made a bit more noise finally causing a person dressed in a plain white dress to briefly glance at me, an almost sad look in her eye.  “Well everyone else has a blindfold, I am assuming the different colours are for different Aggregations, and since I don’t have one, and you don’t have one, we must have chosen the same.”  He placed his hands in his pockets of the pants that all the boys were wearing; a neutral tan colour, with a light gray shirt tucked into it.  “Look around.  All the others are being taken into doors that match the colour of their blindfolds, and there is one door that is not open and does not have a matching blindfold.” he pointed to a black door at the end of the line of coloured doors. “If we are to go through a door and not be stuck in this hallway for all eternity.”  he paused. “Then that must be our door.”  We made our way over to the black door and stood in front of it, staring at the darkness and unknown that it held. There were three rectangles on the door at about shoulder height that were slightly darker than the rest of the blackness.  I pressed my hand against one of then trying to feel what it was and an outline, the same green as the bald man’s tablet, appeared around my hand.  I quickly pulled my hand away and “DENIED. TRY AGAIN” flashed on the screen in all capital letters.  “What happened?” I whispered to the boy.  “I don’t know, it says try again, you might have to hold it there for longer.”  he whispered back.  “Okay, but if I turn green and burn up, it is your fault.”  I said quietly as I tentatively placed my hand back on the rectangle.  The green light once again circled my hand and pulsed for a bit before lighting up green and displaying the message “WELCOME SKYLAR”  but the door did not open.   “You’re name’s Skylar?” the boy asked.  “Yeah. I go by Skye though. ” I said.  “Okay. I’m Theodore but I go by Theo.”  he said, sticking out his hand.  I shook it.  “Try putting your hand on the next block.”  I said, thinking that it was maybe some kind of strange key.  He reached out his hand and placed it palm down onto the door.  The same green light appeared and circled his hand and “WELCOME THEODORE” displayed on the screen, lighting the second box up fully green.  “We need a third.  There must be someone else.” I said turning around.  Directly across from me was Emerald, her different coloured eyes seemed to stand out even more against the black and white of the rest of her.  She wasn’t wearing a blindfold.  She was the third.  Without warning Theo took off and ran towards her.  “Em!” he said as he embraced her. “Theo? What is happening?  Why is everyone else blindfolded? And why are we not?” she said frantically.  He walked her over to where I still stood by the door.  “This is-” “Skye.” Emerald interrupted him. “Yeah, how do you know ea-” “we met yesterday in the big room with the paper and the pencils.” I interrupted him. “Okay.” Theo said.  “You chose Restricted.”  he said, turning to Emerald, “so did we. There are only three of us who chose it though.”  We explained to Emerald about the blindfolds and the other doors, finally turning to our own door.  “You have to put your hand on the panel.  We think that it is somehow connected to a key to get our door open.”  I said.  She looked hesitant.  “It does’t do anything except scan you with a bit of green light, it doesn't hurt, I promise.”  I took her hand and placed it on the scanner, it felt like ice under mine, sending a shiver through my body. The light pulsed, and when it turned green, I heard a click and the door swung inward. “WELCOME EMERALD” pulsing on the screen same as ours.  There were still blindfolded people coming in through doors as we all stepped in through the door and into a small room.  “I could sense that Theo and Emerald were holding onto each other’s elbows as we walked into the small room.  It was dimly lit, so when a chain of lights around the room flicked on we all put our hands up to cover our eyes.  “Welcome.” said a voice in front of me.  I had to blink a couple times, getting used to the bright lights but when I adjusted, I saw a group of a couple people sitting on a bench opposite us.  They all had their arms crossed and stern looks on their faces.  I felt my eyes begin to grow wide, were these our leaders?  “Hey.” I said quietly.  They didn’t move. Theo waved quietly and Emerald didn’t move, only stood up a bit straighter.  A girl with skin the colour of warm, rich earth on the left pressed her lips together, looking almost like she was going to laugh.  We all just stared at each other for a couple of minutes before the earth toned girl did laugh.  I looked at Emerald and Theo confused as the others at the end of the room began to laugh.  Are they laughing at us? I though just as a guy with white-blonde hair, who didn't look too much older then us stood up and said. “Welcome. Sorry about that, Will wanted us to try and scare you but Tasha-” he mockingly glared at the girl with deep brown skin “- had to laugh.”  “Oh, ha.” Theo half heartedly chuckled, still looking a bit worried.  “So, you’re not laughing at us?” I asked the group, with a confused scowl on my face.  “No, we’re not, we are happy that you are here.” said the one that the white blonde guy had called Tasha.  “We have not had anyone join for two years, Jackson was the most recent.”  she said.  “Okay, where are we now?” I asked looking around the small room.  “This is what we call the Port, it is our transportation. All  Aggregations are given one by the Reign.  Ours is a lot smaller than the others because we get very few people.”  said a girl with a halo of brown hair braided about her tough looking face.  “Come on. We’ll show you.” said the blonde guy. He stood up and opened a door in the front of room and closed it behind him.  “River is our pilot.” Tasha said, buckling a seatbelt around her and motioning for use to do the same.  Emerald, Theo and I sat down and strapped in just as we lurched to a start.  “Okay, introductions. Do you all know each other?”  Tasha asked us.  “Generally, yes.” Theo responded. “Good. I’m Tasha, that’s Jackson-”  she pointed at girl with the hair halo. “Boss over there is Will-” she indicated a man who looked mid twenties and had short brown hair.  “And you already met the blondie, River.” “I can hear you, you know.” River’s voice said from the speakers at the top of the Port. “You ready to see a view?” his voice continued and the black panels on the side cleared and turned completely transparent.  We were moving very fast along a metal track, floating about ten feet up.  I shut my mouth, not realising that I had it open and I looked to my side and Emerald’s mismatched eyes were wide in amazement and Theo’s jaw was slack, his mouth opened.  I smiled as I watch the different buildings fly by.  “What are in those?” I asked Tasha.  “Most of them are storage facilities for food and supplies that we need but the one coming up is the residents of the Reapers and after that the Ravagers and so on.”  she answered.  You could tell when an new “resident building” came up because there would be a place for the other Ports to pull off and park.  “We’re at the very end.” Tasha said as an after thought. “Thanks.”  I said as I continued to stare out in wonder at the compounds flying by.  “It really is an amazing invention.” said a voice I hadn’t heard.  The three of us pulled our eyes away from the window and looked at Will.  “The Revolutionaries are very good at what they do.” he said with a smile.  I thought back to the bald man in the room telling me that they had chosen the best ones for me, and it had been everything, how the camera had nodded at me.  We traveled on, more sights passing by us, fields where workers dressed in a million different shades of green, and dirt lots where people in red tackle each other and shot at targets.  Just as I was starting to wonder when we would ever get there, River began to slow us down.  Ahead of us, the track led towards a closed black door.  We could hear River talking to someone and Jackson explained how he was going through security to make sure that no one unwanted was on our ride.  After a bit of talking, the doors opened and out Port slid in and started slowly descending into the ground.  

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