A family of friends

Riley moves to a new town and on the way to school she bumps into a few new people read her story.
Sorry I'm rubbish at blurbs


2. first day of school

So today is my first day of school in America, I'm so nervous. What if they don't like me, what if they think I'm weird and ugly, what if I completely embarrass myself by going in the wrong class. I was over thinking again. But once I got in my class and sat down a girl and two boys came and talked to me their names were Saffron,Calum and Lucus. They were really nice and I became friends with them instantly. Saffron and Calum are in all my classes but Lucus is only in my homeroom, English and art class.

The first day of school went really well and Saffron lives next door to me so she can come over whenever she wants lucus lives down the street from us and Calum lives about a 5 minute walk so we all don't live too far away from eachother. Really short but got yelled at today for being in my phone too much cause this school year is an "important" year for me.

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