Outline of a Story

There is something mysterious about the life of Bobbie Frances, but she has never dealt with the odd feeling that lingers in her body. But when an old friend returns back into her life, she is forced to look the truth in the eyes...


2. Chapter Two

It was around 8 pm when the first message from Caitlin ticked in on Bobbie’s phone. It lit up when she was lying on the bed, reading Catcher in the Rye, and her brows furrowed just a bit. This was just one of the reasons that she was not keen on having a phone because people would disturb her when she did not wanted to have any contact with the outer world. Even if she wanted to just turn off the phone and ignore the message from the other girl, she just could not get herself to do it. She was actually quite curious to see what the other girl had written to her. When she picked up the phone it was a standard hello message, but instead of including smileys, she had included emoji’s of flowers. Bobbie placed the phone back on the table besides her bed and she buried herself in the book once again. It was a good way to drown out the annoyance from the world, but it did not take long for her to give up on the book as two new messages ticked in on her phone.

Caitlin: Hey, answer me!
Caitlin: I know you are there!

The girl meant well, that was all that she knew, but she did not understand her need for constant attention, mainly because it was not something that Bobbie prioritised things that uncommon, according to her parents, classmates and teachers. It was also the reason why her parents had sent her to the new school. She liked it there, it was nice, but she was not comfortable being there when it came down her teachers and classmates. She picked up the phone and sent back a message:

What do you want me to say?

Bobbie placed the phone back on the table and not even a minute went by before a text message ticked in on her phone. Still from Caitlin, but this time she had a picture attached to the message.

I look total gorgeous in this dress, don’t you think?
The picture attached to the message was of her, wearing a green dress that ended just above her knees. The seam, hidden under flowers, gave her dress a cutesy and floral look. It was pretty and she did look gorgeous in it. All that Bobbie answered was yes. Nothing else. For her that was almost too much interaction for her. Today was not a day typically in the routine of hers so she felt over stimulated, so she turned off her phone before Caitlin could bug her more than she already was. Of course, normal teenagers did not think that way, they would be thrilled that someone wanted to talk to them – maybe even spend time with them. This did not fit the life of Bobbie, where for her being with her books or brother was more than enough. Why would she even need anyone else in her life? She shook her head slightly at the thoughts that churned in her head. She did not feel like dwelling on the things, so she picked up the book and began to read once again.

At midnight, her mother knocked on the door, opened it just a bit, and stuck her head in. She sent her daughter a gleaming smile.
“Goodnight doll face.” She said, blowing her a kiss before closing the door behind herself. Not once did Bobbie look up from her book or say a word, but it never had it been necessary, as both her and her mother shared the same understanding and want of a quiet atmosphere. When she heard that the last person had gone to bed, she closed the book, got up from her own bed, and walked over to her computer. She checked off the last few things that she could think of before turning the computer off. She glanced towards her phone, lying still on the table. Still disconnected from the messages that Caitlin sent. One thing that she was completely sure of, was the fact that when the phone would be turned on again the messages would flood in. She debated this within herself for a while, but ended up turning the phone on and she watched as the messages flooded her phone. One thing that shocked her though. There was a message from an unknown number, but the writing was familiar. It could not … she refused to believe it. She stared at the text message:

Hey Bubbles. Missed me?
- S

What did he contact her now? They had not been in contact for years, and how did he even get her number when she was certain that she changed her number two years ago when he started mocking her. What was wrong with him?
Bobbie could feel how the anger boiled inside of her, but she tried to keep calm about it, not wanting to have a negative outburst over something as silly as a text.
Another text from the same number ticked in.
You’re still angry with me, I see.

Of course, she was still angry with him, he could not expect her to be fine after he had toyed with her when she was younger. They had never been romantically involved, but when they were young and she was lonely, he was always there for her. Always supporting her when the classmates teased her for being different. Though around her 14th birthday he began acting different from usual, she thought he was just acting as if he forgot that it was her birthday, but when she wrote to him, asking him why he was acting so out of character the answer that she got was not what she expected to hear from him. Him of all people! After that, their friendship felt like a big joke and that he was just one of her classmates making fun her. She never really recovered from that, but she could not lie and say she did not miss him. She did. Bobbie sighed, picking up the phone so that she could answer him. She wanted to talk with him again, because maybe he had changed.
Yes, I am still angry with you, Silas.

She sent the text to him, before she read the messages that Caitlin sent. All of the messages was just boring babble about school tomorrow and how that the other girl wanted her to answer the texts. Another text came and she decided not to answer or even open the message, instead she placed her phone on the table and went to bed.

Bobbie rose at sunrise, yawning slightly and then she got out of bed. No one else was up at this point so the house was quiet, only the sound of bird chirping outside of her window was the only noise. She tiptoed to the bathroom, turning on the shower water and stripped down. She took a quick glance in the mirror. Just above right above her right, hip a large ugly scar from an appendix removal when she was 12. It had made her embarrassed for many summers, but now she did not care much about it seeing that she was still alive when everyone thought that she was going to die.
She turned to the water and then stepped into the stream of lukewarm water. The water embraced her body and she began to wash herself and just enjoying the sound of the running water. It was her natural element; she felt connected with something spiritual whenever she was in contact with the water. She was standing in the water for half an hour before she turned it off and got out of the water, drying off. Her mother was just now getting up. It was the same every morning and the routine always helped relax Bobbie’s nerves, so when she got dressed she walked down to eat breakfast with her mother.
“Morning doll face.” Her mother cheerily said, serving her young daughter a mix of yogurt and fruit. The Hindi accent was apparent in the English that she spoke, but her mother was an amazing woman whose accent did not get in the way of her job. She was the CEO of one of the large beauty companies that always made profit, meaning that they were always busy, yet she always managed to find time with her children.
“Morning mum,” Bobbie answered, looking at her and sending her a polite smile that her mother reciprocated. The fine wrinkles around her eyes became more apparent with age and now at the age of 39, they began to find their way from the surface in the forehead. The wrinkle gave her a serious look even when she smiled, but never in her life had she thought her mother was angry when she saw the wrinkle. There was no doubt that the wrinkle had appeared from years of concentration and looking at a computer screen. Her mother was a beautiful woman and she aged with grace
“Thank you for the breakfast.”
“You are welcome honey. Now eat up.”

Her mother drove her to school, but unlike her brother, Bobbie’s mother enjoyed having music playing in the car and sometimes it was even the news but she always made sure that it was at low volume so that not all the energy out of her daughter.
The drive to school always seemed so more hectic than home, as there were a traffic jam, so she decided to look at her phone. There was a message from him. She wanted to open it, but she knew that her parents remembered ham too well and she did not want her mother to dwell on the hardships in which she had to watch her daughter endure. Instead of even opening the message, she randomly answered some of the messages that Caitlin had sent. The light tapping of finger against screen alerted her mother.
“Are you texting anyone dear?”
“Oh … I am just answering Caitlin.”
Bobbie turned her head to see her mother looking astonished at her daughter. She smiled warmly at her mother and looked back down on her phone and she continued texting. She was happy that she could please her parents.

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