Outline of a Story

There is something mysterious about the life of Bobbie Frances, but she has never dealt with the odd feeling that lingers in her body. But when an old friend returns back into her life, she is forced to look the truth in the eyes...


3. Chapter Three

The school day was going at a much faster pace than usual now that she continued to see Caitlin everywhere. In the classes that she thought she knew and in the hallways. Sometimes Bobbie thought she was the only one who saw the girl, but this hypothesis proved wrong when the girl was standing in the hallway and talking with some teacher that apparently had Caitlin for art. Praising the girl into the clouds or that was so it seemed. She just continued to walk until the other girl noticed her, said her thanks to the teacher and ran after her new friend.
“Hey! Bobsie!” she yelled, huffing and puffing when she caught up with the Bobbie. She stopped up and turned to her.
“Please do not call me that.”
“Just … no.”
With that, she turned the back to her and continued walking away from her, going to the biology class that she hated deeply. The teacher was not the kind of person to be understanding and he was always yelling loudly in class instead telling the students to be quiet. It always tore down her psyche and left her physically deprived of energy. This time she had Caitlin by her side and somehow it felt like a comfort.

Bobbie tried to look fine during class, or at least neutral, but when flower girl pushed a note across the table to her, she knew that she did not look fine.

Sensory overload? You have to learn how to control it.

She looked surprised at her after reading the note and then back down at the note. Then she shrugged and wrote back.

How does one control that?

She pushed the note back to Caitlin, shifting her gaze back to the teacher who was now drying off sweat from his forehead and looking puzzled. She was not quite sure why he was looking like he was confused seeing that she had not listened to what was being said in class. Bobbie decided to shrug it off and then looked at the questions in the book. Doing her homework and trying to concentrate while all the Caitlin wanted to do was to explain to her, how to control the sensory overload that she talked about mere minutes ago. She took a deep breath, ignoring the other girl, as she was not up for talking or doing anything besides what the teacher told the class to do.

Time went slow now, the clock in the cafeteria was ticking in a slow pace and she was certain that the school was trying to punish her for being rude to her friend. In general, she was sure that the world was trying to punish because of how cruel she was to Silas who continuously sent her messages now after that she finally answered him. Though she only answered one, she feared it might made him want to talk with her again maybe worse … he wanted to be her friend again and she was not sure that she could handle it. Caitlin was already taking a place on the limited list of friends, that hardly consisted of anyone, but she was on it and that was almost enough for her to want to back away. She was a kind girl and even asked if she wanted to follow her to the spring dance and Bobbie said yes. What girl would not want to go to the dance? She did enjoy spending time on the dancefloor, but only if the music was classic or without any voice. This was the only music that she liked, or could tolerate for a certain amount of time. She hoped that she and Caitlin would have a great time at the dance and that her mother would not be very crazy about buying dresses and doing her daughter’s hair.
She glanced at the clock again. Ten minutes went by, but it felt like horribly forever. She sighed, looking down on her phone where several messages from the unknown number that Silas was using. She knew that it was a new number as she still had the old number coded into the phone. Why she did not know. She considered opening the messages, just to see what he wanted to get in contact with her about. The second she finished the thought, a new message appeared on her phone.

Bobbie! You cannot be angry with me forever.

Of course she could be that was not something for him to decide.

Why not?

She decided while already in contact with him, to read the rest of the messages that he had been sending to her. Most of them were not something that she would deeply care about, a lot of them wrote her name, but one of the messages stood out. Almost similar to the message that made her stop being friends with him.

Your life is just like a story.

What did he mean? Was he just trying to make fun of her now? If so, that would not be fair at all. She locked her phone before putting it back in the rucksack. She then got up from the seating area and left it, walking outside to get a breath of fresh air.
When Bobbie got outside the weather was dull, dark grey clouds hanging over her head and the smell of rain in the air, it had recently been raining and soon it would be raining once again. As she embraced the rainy weather that was coming, others went inside to seek shelter. Everyone but Caitlin that apparently knew every little move that she felt like doing. At least she was following her and like a constant shadow. Was this really the way friends acted? She was not sure at all.
“What are we doing?”
“What?” the girl looked utterly confused as she said the word.
“The smell of rain on dry soil. It is the smell hanging in the air.”

“You sound like a nerd.” The girl scoffed and found a bench that was still dry and sat down. Watching how Bobbie was embracing the smell of rain and how her shoulders stopped tensing in the way they often did inside the school.
“You really don’t like it here, do you?” she asked after a moment of silence.
“My time could be better spent,” she admitted turning around and watched at how Caitlin was lying on the bench playing with one of the flowers that had been sitting in the braid she had done today. It was no longer daffodils, but beautiful red dahlia. Did they even match the season? She did not know, but she found it weird that the girl always wore flowers in her hair. Maybe it was just some sort of fashion statement or maybe she was just weirder than she looked.
“I wanted to be home tutored but my mother did not like the idea, said I needed human interactions.”
“You don’t need that.”
“Thank you.”
It began to rain. A light drizzle, the sound of it hitting the already wet ground and the petrichor smell just became stronger. Bobbie rose to her feet and walked over out in to the rain. Leaving school grounds.

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