Outline of a Story

There is something mysterious about the life of Bobbie Frances, but she has never dealt with the odd feeling that lingers in her body. But when an old friend returns back into her life, she is forced to look the truth in the eyes...


6. Chapter Six

“No. I refuse to talk with you.”
“Please Bubbles.”
“Shut up!”
He was sitting outside of her school, every day. Trying to get her to listen to what he was saying, but she ignored him and Caitlin. At times, she saw that flower girl would talk with him, but only once, she had what she was saying to him.

“Just give up, Silas. She will come to her senses at some point.”

It hurt more than she cared to admit, but she stuck around. Acting like everything was fine, did her homework and was a good student. As always. Bobbie knew that the holiday were coming up soon, yet it felt like an eternity when she had to spend her time around Silas who just got back into her life and Caitlin, who she thought was a true friend. When she had to socialise with them, she limited her words to only saying what she deemed necessary. Often this resulted in the other getting up and walking away in frustration, mostly the girl. At times, Silas would too, but more often than not, he would sigh and apologise one too many times. Some part of her knew she needed to forgive them at one point, but it was not today or next month. Austin even turned more protective over his little sister, knowing that she was not feeling like her usual self. For Bobbie it was nice to know that someone loved her enough to take care of her, but she was not a little child anymore, she was turning into a young woman soon and some part of her felt that she needed to tackle the problem between her two former friends instead of constantly running away from what was happening.

It was an early Monday morning when she decided to talk with Silas. Some part of her feared that he would just act like an idiot and then just leave her to feel even emptier than she did before.
Her heart was beating rapidly when she got out Austin’s car at the school. She waved goodbye, began walking to the door, but when the car was gone she turned. He was sitting the usual place, but today he looked more tired than ever.
“Bobbie!” he exclaimed she began walking towards him.
“There is a coffee shop not far away, we can talk there.” She said and he got up from the bench, hurrying after her.
“What about Caitlin?”
“I need to talk with you, alone.”

They walked in silence as every time that Silas tried to talk with her, she sent him a glare, but it was not a far walk so the silence were not too unbearable. It was almost empty this early morning, just a tired young barista and what seemed like an old writer sitting with a coffee cup and a computer working furiously on their work.
Bobbie walked up and ordered a cup of tea for herself and a coffee for her companion. Even if she was angry with him, she was still the same kind-hearted person who decided to pay for his drink. She was, after all, the one who dragged him to the place. They both took a seat, waiting for their drink.
“Why what?”
“You are trying to make my life a living hell. Why.”
“You have got it all wrong, Bobbie.” He sighed and leaned back in the chair, rubbing his leg a little.
“Oh, I do?” she said with a sneer. It was hard to keep calm when all she wanted to do was scream at him, telling him how horrible he was.
“Like I said, I never wanted to hurt you.”
“That is too late.”
The barista came around their table with the drinks, mainly because he had called out for them and ignored it. The second he got close both of them clamped their mouth shut only saying a hushed thank you before he left them and they could speak more freely again.
Bobbie was aimlessly stirring in the tea, just to keep her hands distracted. She watched, as Silas tasted the coffee and closed his eyes shortly in enjoyment.
“If, hypothetically, I am a fairy. Why do I then look like my parents?”
“You don’t look like them.”
She stopped her movements only to look him angrily in the eye.
“It is true. Ivy looks so much more like your mother.”
“Ivy? The human changeling?” she said in a mocking tone.
“Exactly.” He grinned at her and began searching for his phone.
“I know you do not believe me, so I got evidence. You call it, Bobbie Frances. Do you want to take the leap?”

Austin was worried about his sister, and when he dropped her off in the morning, there was something unusual about her behaviour, but he just shrugged it off and hoped it meant that she was getting a lot better with the whole ordeal.
Driving to work, there was still a nagging thought in the back of his mind that something was going to change today and it was not something that was good.

At his lunch break, he decided to call up Bobbie, but as he was standing in the lunchroom, with his phone in his hand he realised that he was not quite sure if she even would answer him. Picking up the phone was one of the things she was bad at. Mobile phones in general was not her strongest trait. Though he decided against it, he felt wrong for the rest of the day, until he had to pick her up from school.

She was watching him intently. They were nowhere near the school or the city. She somewhat felt that her parents would ground her if they found out what she was doing with Silas. However, he promised her answers and she needed them. No matter what, no matter how hard she tried to deny it, she always knew she was different from her family and when she was around 10, she had asked her parents if she was adopted too.
“Stop stalling.”
She was pulled back to reality when he spoke to her.
“It is quite ground-breaking.” She muttered and took a deep breath.
“There is nothing to be worried about.” He said.
“Let’s get over with it, then.”
She took his hand, her hands sweaty and his cool.
“I … I can’t do it.” She whispered, and he chuckled.
“I believe you can.”
They began walking towards the opening, her heart beating fast and the sound of adrenaline rushing through her body filled her ears.
Bobbie was terrified, but at the same time, she was excited, even if she knew this was wrong.

The light hurt her eyes. 

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