Outline of a Story

There is something mysterious about the life of Bobbie Frances, but she has never dealt with the odd feeling that lingers in her body. But when an old friend returns back into her life, she is forced to look the truth in the eyes...


4. Chapter Four

Spring dance was that same evening and most of the girls was getting ready in their rooms, but not Bobbie. Her mother had forced her out of the room so that they could buy a dress last minute. The dress she had at home was not good enough according to her mother and therefore they were now out shopping. There was so much noise in the room and she could hardly handle it, but her mother promised that they would find the dress in this store so that they did not have to go to any other store.
Bobbie watched her mother pulling out a beautiful golden dress, but it was so long, that she was not certain she would be able to walk in the beauty that her mother was eyeing for her one and only daughter.
“Sweet doll, can you try this on?” her mother turned to her, smiling proudly at her daughter and she walked over and took the dress. Admiring it for her mother’s sake.
“Yes, of course.” She answered, walking into the changing room. There was silent, only a fan buzzing.
There was a knock on the door and it startled Bobbie.
“Can I see you sweetie?”
“Just a second mum!”
She was turning around, admiring herself in the mirror. What she was not what she expected to see at all, as she looked exactly like a Goddess. She walked out to show her mother who gasped in surprise and she looked very astonished by the beauty of her daughter.
“You’re beautiful, Bobbie.” She whispered, walking closer to her so that she could properly admire the beauty that her daughter possessed.  
The girl could feel her cheeks burning, but she did not hide her face, instead she just muttered a thank you and turned around to look at herself in the mirror.
“Is Caitlin coming to our place, dear?”
“Yes, then Austin promised to drive us.”
They looked at the price of the dress, discussing whether she would need new shoes or she needed accessories. In the end, they decided against it and went home to prep the young girl to look even more like a Goddess.

Bobbie’s mother did start pulling out all of the products from her own company to do the perfect make-up and put the hair up in the hairdo that would make every other girl on the school jealous.
“Mum, you don’t have to overdo it. It’s just a Spring Dance.” She muttered, as she sat in front of the big mirror in her mother’s workroom. Filled with unboxed make-up, creams, lotions and hair products that was with the wrong label or the colour was not correct. She always brought the things home to store so that she could either use it for herself or give it as a host gift. Her mother was the perfect guest.
“Bobbie Frances!” her mother exclaimed.
“I want my little girl, my only girl to look perfect for the night.”
She began brushing the newly dried hair and pulling it back into sections to keep it away from her face, as she would start by doing her make-up.
Under her breath, she muttered: “I think I will be late then.”
Her mother did not hear her, instead she continued finding the things that she needed to create the perfect base.

When she was finally done with all the pampering, her brother knocked on the door, to tell his little sister that he was ready to drive them when Caitlin came, and his face lit up in the biggest smile.
“You’re gorgeous, Bobbie.” He said, proud as a brother should do and she laughed at him. She did a short spin for him and then a curtsy.
“Thank you Good Lord,” she answered, teasing him for his reaction and Austin answered by joking back.
“May I have this dance, Lady Lockwood?”
“Most certainly.”
They took each other’s hands and began dancing like two silly children and their mother just shook her head before yelling out the door.
“John! The children are weird again!”
“Then tell them to stop, Reva!”
Just when he said it, their dance was over and both Austin and Bobbie was out the room and down the stairs. The second they stepped down the stairs there was a knock on the door. Caitlin.
Her brother was so kind that he opened the door when she backed away from the door, hesitant, because suddenly it all became real. He opened the door to a smiling girl wearing a tie-dye dress and her brown hair hung freely for once, still there was parts of it put up with small daisies. This time, they looked fake and Bobbie realised it was because it was hairpins. In her own hair, she had a small jewel that was the same warm gold colour as the dress she was wearing along with the subtle golden eyeshadow. Her mother had gone crazy with the gold theme and suddenly she felt overdressed compared to the natural looking girl who stood opposite.
“I feel lucky to drive such beauties to their party.” Austin said after introducing himself to the girl, pulling his sister a little closer to the other and grinning wildly. She suddenly felt that her excitement would not last much longer, the anxiety of all the people and sounds rolled over her but she decided to keep the smile and pretend that everything was perfectly fine.

At the dance people was wearing the most flattering dresses, smoking’s and everyone looked like they were having the time of their life and already dancing in the midst of the big gym hall. Even if Bobbie had entered the room countless of times, she did not feel welcome in the big spacing and the school was still new and foreign to her, despite having gone there for almost a full school year.
“Isn’t great?” Caitlin exclaimed, turning towards her and the girl had the widest smile on her face.
This was a crowd for extroverted people like Caitlin. Bobbie thought, pushing a loose lock of hair away from her face and nodded in response to what her friend said. After all, they had to be friends, when looking at how they interacted constantly were together and talked together. However, there were still something off about Caitlin, which she could not put her finger on, but for now, it did not matter. Her plan was to have a fun night, even if she hated loud noises and such. She did not think that anything could go wrong that night as long as she had her friend by her side.
Both girls walked around for a bit, some people saying hello to Caitlin, expressing how much they loved her dress or how that she must be a fairy in disguise. When that comment flew their way, Bobbie remembered Silas, but tried to shrug it off, while Caitlin answered that she was. Clearing joking, she hoped so at least. Another person asked her why she was not wearing a kimono. This led her on to a long rant about her being Chinese and not Japanese. The boy that made the remark seemed to shrink and kept apologising for his behaviour, yet she just kept on going on about how rude he was. When she was sure that he finally understood that he had made a grave mistake, she continued her quest to find a secluded table for them to have as their base.
Bobbie just rolled her eyes at the people who kept coming, occasionally saying hello and then just keeping quiet while they would be talking about how the evening currently went. It had hardly begun but there was people in fights, girls crying in bathrooms and boys who spiked their own punch. She did not understand the world of High School, but not that it mattered anyway, all that she was ready to do was go home and sleep, or sit down, her shoes were gnawing on her feet and she knew that sooner or later she would have to remove them.
After a long wait and many people, the girls finally found a table in a secluded area where they could sit and look out at the beautiful dance. The music were not loud in that area and it was a relief for Bobbie’s sensitive ears. She closed her eyes for a second, imagining the quietness of her own room, or the tranquil of the forest. She sighed in content, not caring if Caitlin noticed or not, but when she opened her eyes the other girl was gone. Out dancing on the floor with some person from the school. She could not remember his name. Paul? Patrick? She was not sure, but it did not matter anyhow. Like always, in areas a little unknown to her, she scanned the room for any potential dangers. And for once … there was one.  

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