Outline of a Story

There is something mysterious about the life of Bobbie Frances, but she has never dealt with the odd feeling that lingers in her body. But when an old friend returns back into her life, she is forced to look the truth in the eyes...


5. Chapter Five

Silas was approaching Bobbie, he was walking with a limb and from what he remembered, he had lost it in a freak accident when he was very young and now had a prosthetic leg that had cost a fortune. He still had the same smirk, his hair was still dark blonde and messy. She could not believe that after all of those years. Not interacting, he would show up unannounced at her school’s spring dance.
“What are you doing here?” she hissed at him, getting up from the chair and looking him in the eye. They were around the same height, so it that was not a particularly hard task.
“I’m attending the dance, silly.” He answered, sending her a gleeful smile and held out his arms.
“Don’t I even get a hug, Bubbles?”
“Jerk,” he said cheerfully and shook his head.
“If I recall you told me my parents weren’t my parents.”
“Au contraire, Bobbie, I said that you were a changeling, more specifically a fairy.”
She looked angrily at him, and Silas let his arms fall down to the sides and instead pointed towards a chair.
“Can we at least sit and talk Bubbles?” he asked, but did not wait for an answer before he sat down and rubbed the top of his right leg. She looked at him before sitting down across from him, but she it did not stop her from glaring at him.
“I thought we were friends.”
“We were. You just refused to listen.”
“Because you made fun of me!”
“Bobbie, I told you the truth!”
The make-up would travel down her cheeks soon if he kept acting as he did. Why did he have to be so cruel towards her? All she had ever done was to give him her attention and trust. With the matter of minutes, he destroyed it himself.
“Did you ever mean anything you told me?” she asked, her eyes wet and she saw the hurt in his face. There was regret in the mixture too, but she did not know why there was it, because what could he possibly regret.
“I meant it, Bubbles.” He said, his eyes locking with hers.
“Then why would you say such mean things?” she whispered, her voice betraying her she could feel the lump in her throat.
Silas watched her a little, before he got up from the chair and gave her a hug. She melted. She could not help herself, as he was finally there. Not just behind some screen and several miles away. Never in her life she thought that this was what she needed and even from Silas. The last person in the world she had wanted to see once again/
“I didn’t mean to hurt you, Bobbie … Never. I … I was not in a good place myself and I shouldn’t have let it hurt you.” He answered, stroking her hair carefully to not ruin it and with her head on his heart. She listened to its beating, the rhythm that was a little irregular as was just as upset as she was.
Slowly, she pulled away. Looking at Silas. Her eyes were still wet but her makeup did not run down her face just yet but she needed it not to and then she got up. Saying nothing, Bobbie just left Silas at the table. He called for her, but she did not respond.

The weather outside was gloomy, the smell of rain droplets hung in the air. She could not believe what just happened inside, why Silas would even come to her school when he lived so far away. Or had that been a lie too?
She heard steps, but it was not irregular as she believed it would if it was him, so she decided to turn around. Looking at a Caitlin who wore a very disappointed face.
“Why did you have to treat Silas like that?”
Alarm bells began ringing in Bobbie’s head and she walked further away from the flower girl who just tried to walk up to her friend.
“You brought him here?!” she yelled.
“I thought you were my friend.” She was hurt and felt betrayed. She never mentioned Silas to Caitlin, so it must be that the two of them knew each other before she even met the other girl. It hurt.
“We are both our friends!”
“Not when you ambush me like this!”
The tears she tried to keep away just started playing a waterfall down her face, but as Caitlin tried to comfort Bobbie, she pulled away. She did not need either of them in her life. How could she even be so stupid as to trust anyone but her family who was the only one who wanted the best for her.
More steps. This time she knew it was Silas from the way it thump’ed when he walked. She looked up, her makeup messy but she did not care. She needed to get out of there, and it had to be fast. She picked up the skirt of her dress and walked down the stairs in a fast pace.
“Bobsie!” he yelled after her, it made her stop and look back. There was hope in his eyes.
“Go to hell!” she yelled back, and walked away from the school. She needed to get far away and out of reach from them, so that she could call Austin.

It took her an hour to calm down, stop hitting herself, and collect her thoughts enough so that she could call her brother.
“Austin …” she could not say more before bursting out in tears, and immediately she heard Austin calling for their parents.
“Where are you Bobbie?” he said in a worried voice, and she managed to stutter out the street that she was sitting on. Then she heard his brother handing the phone to their mother and run out the door.
“I am going to stay with you on phone little queen.” Her mother said in a calm voice, trying to help her daughter through whatever that was happening in her life.
“I’m sorry,” she wailed, sniffing and drying her nose with her arm.
“Hey … ssh … it is okay.” Her mum tried to comfort her, but it was nearly impossible to do when she was so far away from her.
“S-si… S-silas is here.” She cried into the phone and she heard that her mum repeat what she just said to her father.
“Did he hurt you?” this time it was her father talking to her. Bobbie was not sure why her mother no longer were in the phone, but it was not something she thought more about.
“No,” she whispered.
Her dad steered her thoughts away from what was happening. Telling her plans that he made with her mum, and brother. He talked about how proud he was of her, that she did something outside of her comfort zone and he hoped that she would do it again.

This continued until Austin pulled up next to her, and he flashed her a smile.
“The queen of the ball. Your coach is here.” He joked, but it did put a smile on Bobbie’s face. She hung up on the phone and got into the car.
He gave her a small hug before driving off one again.
“Do you want something? Milkshake? Burger?”
She shook her head.
“I would prefer going home.” She said quietly, leaning her head on the car door, looking out the window.
The ride home was filled with music, something that Bobbie normally hated having turned on, but this night it was a good distraction. She was not sure for how long she had her minor outbreak at the street corner, but she now had a major headache.
At home, her mum pulled her into a big hug, her dad stood ready with painkillers, water, and a loving hug as well. It almost made her cry again, knowing how much her family cared about her. How could Silas ever tell her that they were not her real family? Even if she was like Austin, fostered to adopted, she did not even care. Blood meant nothing; their love surpassed whatever flowed in her veins.

She was tucked in on the couch, leaning up against Austin, and both of them had a cup of hot cocoa in their hands. They watched some sappy comedy, that they always saw when one of them felt bad.
“Always, Bobbie.  Everything for my sister.”
She smiled at him, returning to the movie.

It was late when she finally entered her room, her parents slept, and her brother was in his room. The second she entered, Bobbie felt that something was horrible wrong.

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