Roleplay Prompts.

These are just some random Role-Play prompts.

Some of them are NOT mine so credit to owner/ owners!!

If you like what you read and you want to use a prompt to create your own Role-Play just tell me what one and I'll be good with it :D

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy <3


1. Luke Hemming (FWB)

I groan as I drag my bare feet down the cold hardwood floor of the hallway, rubbing my sleepy eyes. The banging on the door continued and I let out another incoherent grumble before I got to it, unlocking it a bit clumsily before pulling the door open, to find none other than my best friend, Luke, standing there with pink flushed cheeks and red eyes, his pouty bottom lip shaking from the cold as the snow falls into this messy blond hair, sticking to his forehead. "Luke?" I mumbled tiredly, moving aside to let him in. "What are you doing here?" I asked as he shuffles inside, stomping hid feet on the welcome mat to get rid of the snow clinging to his worn boots.

"Bad date," he finally says as a sheepish grin lights up his face, washing my momentarily worry away.

"You asshole," I muttered, rolling my eyes as I shut the door, locking it back up again. "You had me worried!" I scold as I turn around to face him, yelping in surprise as I he's right behind me, pushing me against the door.

"I said I had a bad date, princess," he says with a pout, his fave just inches from mine. "Make it better." He mumbles dipping his head down, leaving kisses down my neck. All of my annoyance towards the boy melts away as those damn cold lips work their magic on my warm skin. See, Luke and I have a strange friendship. We've both been so close for as long as we can remember, but one night out and too many shots of Vodka later, we ended up having sex and since then, things haven't been the same. Whenever either of us thought it's necessary, we'd hook up. No strings attached. But much to my dismay, I stared to fall for the big idiot.

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