Roleplay Prompts.

These are just some random Role-Play prompts.

Some of them are NOT mine so credit to owner/ owners!!

If you like what you read and you want to use a prompt to create your own Role-Play just tell me what one and I'll be good with it :D

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy <3


2. Lashton (Step Brothers)

Me and my mother were on our way to meet her new 'boyfriend' in London. She planned on us living there and I planned on killing myself. Not really, but figuratively speaking. I didn't want a new parent to boss me around. I also heard this guy has a son. I don't a fucking step brother! He'll have stupid ass friends and parties and he's probably ugly as hell. I just hope this isn't permanent, because I'll hate my life forever.

I sighed softly as my mother rolled into the drive way of our so called new house. I obviously didn't have an opinion in the matter. I glanced over at her, noticing how nervous she was. Even though I wasn't happy for myself, I was for her. My father had died twelve years ago, so she has the right to date again. "It's okay mum, I'm sure he'll be just what you ask for" I say, kissing her cheek gently and getting out of the car. I let out a small huff and grabbed my bags from the back seat, turning and bumping right into a broad chest. "Sorry, my dad told me to come out and help you guys. I'm Ashton, Robin's son" the boy says with a smile, gently grabbing the bags from my hands. "I'm Luke," I murmur, looking into his amazing hazel eyes. My brother sure as hell is not ugly.

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