Diary of a Fangirl

This is both my entry for the WorkStyle competition, and just my place where I can write about the going-ons of my life.....


1. September 3, 2015

Well...as most diaries go, I suppose I should state a few things about myself.

My name, for safety purposes, is Cypher. I am an amateur fanfiction writer, and a full-time high-school student. My interests are Art, Music, Literature, and Spanish.

I tend to draw a lot, and though I don't see my work as very good, everyone seems to like it. I mainly draw in either the Minecraftian, pony, or Gravity Falls styles, though sometimes I will drift into the cats, wolves, and dragon's area.

The main kind of music I listen to is Dubstep. I also listen to rock, though personally I think the 80's rock style was always better than modern rock. Not that today's rock is bad, I just liked the catchiness of older rock.

I like to write, obviously. I write a lot of fanfictions for a lot of different fandom. My most recent fandom is, as you may have guessed, Gravity Falls..... It's difficult to come up with a good, fluent storyline sometimes, but it's worth the work in the end....

That sentence didn't even make sense.....

Umm.... I have one best friend, and once again, for safety purposes, let's call her...Trinity.

Trinity and I have been friends for almost four years now, and I honestly have no idea how she has put up with me for this long. It's a wonder, that's for sure..... We've been there for each other through thick and thin; and by thick, I mean trying to hold each other back from killing each other's exes..... We'll get there in later entries...maybe.....

Trinity's boyfriend ((We'll just call him Slade)) is also a good friend of mine, though I still haven't met him in person...CURSE YOU SCHEDULES!! But from what I can tell he's a cool dude....

My boyfriend ((We'll call him Cry)) is a giant sweetheart. He's old fashioned, and puts the "aw" in "awesome."

And then there's the bitch-of-a-witch...my sister, who we shall just call Scamp for now.... I won't go into any detail with her, but you guys now know that she is THERE. 

I think that concludes the first entry..... for now. I have to get up in a friend w hours though, too, so that's why I'm trying g to keep this short..... Don't worry though, you'll hear all about my day later on.

Ciao Lovelies.

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