Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


4. Then it began

Tears were in my eyes. The teacher was frozen. Violet’s on the floor. Zack’s against the wall with a bat. The girl who was coughing… she was going after Zack… but she was different. I looked on her clothes she had blood all over them. Her skin was almost white. She was… growling.


Zack had a scared look in his eyes, the girl kept going after him. Violet quickly got up and came over to us, Zack was still trapped.


The girl got close enough for Zach to hit. He hit her hard in the arm. She kept going.


I looked around… I finally saw a box full of can food. I grabbed one and quickly through it at her.


She stopped going after Zack, now she was going after me!


She walked faster than when she was going after Zack. Her arms out ready to grab me. Zack looked at me, I guess I had a scared look on my face then. He looked at the bat and hit her in the head. she dropped instantly. Blood was all over the floor. But she got up. She kept heading after me. Zack hit her in the head until she stopped moving.


He ran towards me and hugged me… he was crying. He didn’t let go for a while. He seemed more scared than me… And I was the one who the girl was going after!



We headed back in the gym didn’t sit in our spots against the wall, we sat with the teacher in the middle of the floor. Zack was holding my hand like he was never gonna let go again, Violet had her head on my shoulder.


“Look, I know you guys barely know me but you can trust me. I will never let anything happen to you guys.” The teacher said while looking at me.


“Yeah right, like that’s gonna make a difference. You didn’t save me, you didn’t even save Kristine! I don’t trust you.” Zack yelled at the teacher but it was to loud for anyone else to hear us.


“Zack please calm down, it’s just been hard on us. We should trust him.” I said that with a smile, Zack can’t say no when I smile.

“Fine, but I want to know more about you.” Zack didn’t sound too pleased.

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