Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


2. Oh No!

I looked around the gym and found a teacher. I told Zack and Violet that I’d be back but Zack insisted to come with, same with Violet so they came along too. We went up to the teacher. “You guys need to go sit down now!” The teacher started to push us a little. “No, I want to know what’s going on!” I moved out of the way so she wasn’t pushing me anymore. Another teacher came over but this time it was a male.

“Ladies what’s going on?” He asked while walking closer to us.


“She came up to me and started pushing me just because I wanted to know what was going on!” I was angry because of that.”


The male teacher took me a little way from the other teacher and my friends. “Look, I’m gonna be real with you because I can trust you. Shit is going down outside and it ain’t pretty. We are just gonna see if we can wait it out.” That was the first time ever I heard a teacher cuss.


“Well what are we going to do about food and sleeping??” My stomach growled.


“A group of teachers went to go search for food in the cafe so don’t worry.” We walked back to the other teacher and my friends.


Zack of course grabbed my hand in concern, and Violet grabbed my other arm. We headed back to our spot and we all laid down. I was laying on Zack’s chest because the floor was to hard for me and Violet laid on my leg which were curled up. I ended falling asleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

When I woke up my head was on the wall and my legs were free. I started to freak out a little. I ran to the teacher I was talking to before and he said he hasn’t seen them. I asked to look through the school, he insisted that he went with me. We ran through the school searching and hadn’t found them yet. I realized something. That girl, the girl next to Violet, she… she was coughing. I stopped running and froze. Then all of a sudden I heard a scream, it sounded like Violet. My eyes widened and I ran where I heard the scream, the teacher followed me. I opened a set of double doors and we were in the cafe. I looked around and in the kitchen I saw Violet and Zack. I quickly jumped over the counter. When I got to the kitchen I started to cry.

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