Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


1. No One Panic... Yet

It’s another boring day in high school. I’m sitting in chemistry, talking to my best friends, Zack and Violet. Then all of a sudden a guy runs into our classroom. I look at him, his glasses are messed up, shirt torn, and tears in his eyes. I noticed he had blood running down his right arm and he was holding his wound with his left hand.


“What’s wrong?! Why are you bleeding?!” The teacher ask with a concerned toned. More tears went down his face. “T-the teachers…” he looked down at the floor.

“They are attacking people and one of them bit me!”


The teacher took the kid in the hallway. I quickly turned to Zack and Violet. “Is it what I think it is?” I said in hesitation. “No, it can’t be, that only happens in the movies.” I looked at Violet after Zack said that and she started to cry a little.


I looked at my bookbag and quickly grabbed it. “Kristine, what are you doing?!” I keep looking through my bookbag and finally found it, my phone. “Really, your phone.” Zack said with disbelief. “I’m looking at the news you idiot.” I said while searching through my phone.


Our teacher walks back in the classroom. “Kristine! Put your phone up we are still having class!” I pretend to put my phone in my bookbag, but I put it under my desk. My eyes widened. “What’s wrong Kristine?” Violet looked at my phone. “Oh my god.” She covered her mouth and a tear ran down her face. I quickly put my phone in my back pocket as the teacher came over to see what we were doing.


Then all of a sudden her computer dinged, she walked quickly over to it. “Everyone we are going to go into the gym right now.” She announced to the class. I quickly grabbed my nail file out of my makeup bag.



We were all along the edge of the gym. I was in between Zack and Violet. I looked at my left where Violet was squeezing my arm in terror. And on my right was Zack holding my hand and I was laying on his shoulder. Zack looked at me.


“Kristine, are you ok, I mean you look ok but I don’t see how you could be at a time like this.” I lightly squeezed his hand.


“I’m… hanging in there.” He kissed my forehead.


“We will get through this. Don’t worry, I’ll never let anything happen to you.” He laid his head on mine


I looked at Violet.


“Are you hanging in there?” I said because it felt like my arm was gonna squeeze off.


“I’m hanging” She said with tear running down her face.



Violet fell asleep against the wall, so me and Zack went to the restroom.


“I’ll wait for you out here ok?” he said putting his hand on my cheek


“Ok, I won’t be long.” He leaned in to kiss me.


As I walk in the bathroom I can hear other girls freaking out and crying. I went into the first stall I saw open. I locked the door behind me and leaned against it. I started to cry, I didn’t want “Zombies” to happen, I wanted a normal life.


I walked out the bathroom and squeezed through all the girls. I found Zack right outside the bathroom leaned against the wall. I guess my face was still a little red from crying because he ran up me.


“What’s wrong?? What happened? Are you ok?” His right hand on the back of my head and his left hand hugging me.


“I’m ok, I promise. I just had a moment that’s all.” I kissed his cheek for a hint to get off.



We sat back down and Violet was awake, she looked worried.


“What’s wrong?” I asked her while sitting down.


“I was so worried because you were gone and of what the teachers said….” I looked scared.


“The teachers said something?! What did they say?!” I was so worried after she said that.


“They said something about staying here until whatever this is passes by. They don’t know how long it will be. Also who ever starts coughing will have to go to the schools clinic.” She was still crying a little so she was breathing heavily.


The person next to Violet started to cough a little but she hid it.


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