Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


7. New Journey's Await

“Maybe it’s just John, I mean he did go back stage over all.” I was kinda scared but I didn’t want to make Violet scared.


I got off of Zack’s lap and told him to come with me. Violet wanted to go to but I told her to just stay and eat the last whole grain bar. We walked back stage quietly. We saw stuff knocked over. I slowly moved around the corner and saw one of the dead. I moved back so I was able to be noticed. Zack was right behind me. I didn’t see John anywhere. I knew we had to do something about the dead. I thought to myself. I looked around to see if I could… you know, kill him. I found a huge piece of wood and snuck up behind him. I slammed it against his head until he didn’t move. I turned around and Zack was staring at me. All I did was smile cutely.



We went back to Violet and I sat in Zack’s lap again. We all played little games and talked. Not to long after John showed up. I stood up and walked over to John in an angry type of way.


“Where the hell were you?! Why did you leave us AGAIN?! Did you know that there was a… Walker in here with us?! We could have died and you wouldn’t even care!” I was so mad and I guess Zack heard me because he was behind me and he grabbed my arm.


“Chill out Kristine. I was here, I care.” Zack was right he was her and so was Violet, That’s all that counts.


John didn’t say anything for a while. I noticed he was holding a box that looked pretty heavy.


“What’s in the box?” I questioned him.


“Just food, lots of food. I went to go grab it, that’s why I left.” I felt kinda bad, but he keeps leaving I thought I could trust him.


“Where are we gonna go now? Should we go back to the gym??” I still didn’t know why exactly we left in the first place.


“No, the gym is a bad place now. If we go back… you could die.”


“Then should we get out of here and try to find some survivors?”


“Yeah I guess we could head on. But where exactly should we go, you do realize the whole world is like that.”


“Yeah I know, but I believe that there are people still out there, still surviving.”


“Ok, where do you all want to head to?”


“Maybe up north, like… North Carolina.” I’ve always wanted to go there.

“How about we go to Washington instead.” Zack implied.

“No, I wanna go to New York.” I realized that every city we go to, there will be A LOT more of them.

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