Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


11. Maybe this is it!

As I looked around  to figure a plan to get out one of the walkers grabbed my leg and pulled me down on the dumpster. I moved around hoping that I wouldn’t get bit. I kicked him in the head, him still trying to bit me, other walkers getting closer to my bare flesh. I kicked him again and he let go of my ankle. I quickly stood up and looked at the door. I noticed Zack wasn’t there, I gestured to Violet and John to ask where Zack was. They didn’t know by there confused look on their face. I Was starting to get worried, what if he got hurt. The noise of the walkers distracted me. I looked to see if Zack was there but now John wasn’t there. I’ve been standing here for 10 minutes now. I looked to see an opening of the walkers, found one. I gestured to Violet  to tell her my plan. She got read, her hands on the door and the door already almost closed. Just enough is showing for me to run in. I jumped over the walkers, one almost grabbed my ankle in mid-air. I ran as fast as I could inside and and Violet closed the door. I quickly put a wooden board between the handles. I looked around the store for John and Zack. I went to the back of the store, where the walkers were. I saw both of them bent down. I walked forward and the bolted up.


“Thanks for your help, Zack.” I said in a salty(annoyed) tone.


“Kristine, I swear I was about to help you.” He walked closer to me.


“Yeah but you didn’t, and I bet you wouldn’t care if I did die.” I walked away to the front of the store.


I looked out the window and saw nothing. Not a walker, not a person, not even an animal. I grabbed my bag and opened the door a crack, just enough to see outside. I saw nothing. I opened the door and they came running after me. John had his map out and Violet was right next to me. Zack was the last one to leave the building. I started walking. I found a clearing out of the town, it lead to woods.


Walking through the woods I heard noises, not walkers, more like people. They were up ahead. I started running towards them, my group followed. I heard a gunshot, then another, and another. I walked toward the gunshots and ducked down behind a rock. I looked above the rock and saw...

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