Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


9. Let's go!

We started packing up to get ready to go to North Carolina.


I walked to the exit of the auditorium and opened the door, I took one step and Zack grabbed me and pulled me back fast.


“What was that for?!” He nearly gave me a heart attack.


“You obviously weren’t looking where you were going! I just saved you!” I turned around and looked out the door.


There was a huge hole in the wall leading to outside, bricks have fallen to a huge pile of bricks leading up to where I’m standing. Cars broken down everywhere, black smoke came from hoods.


“Should we go this way?” I looked down for a safe way.


“Yeah, I mean it’s just what we need.” He started heading down.


He got to a little ledge and helped me down. He grabbed my waist and held me tight. I jumped down so we were face to face. Him still holding my waist, I felt so safe with him. We started heading down the rest of the pile.



John: “Well let’s get going, it will be a long walk.”


Jada: “Where did you find that??”


John: “It’s mine, you know I am an eagle scout.”


Jada: “Really so you’re a little kid in boy scouts, how cute.”


John: “No, I learn how to do survival stuff.”


Jada: “Really? Well I can learn that online, have you not watched the walking dead?”


John: “I have but there are better ways to avoid those types of situations.”


Jada: “What ignore everyone you see?”


John: “Yes, it’s that easy.”


Jada: “But what if we need food, water, or even shelter?!”


John: “We will find it ourselves.”


Jada: “Or we will die trying.”


Jada: “I think we need to find more people for our group.”


John: “I think we need to avoid people!”


Jada: “What if they have guns or medical supplies!”


John: “We will find some ourselves!”


Zack: “Guys! Cut it out! Stop fighting!”


Violet: “Hey guys…. someone’s here.”


We all stopped and looked around.


Jada: “Violet there’s no one here.”


Violet: “No. I saw someone…. there he is!” She pointed to behind the car.


We all went silent. Zack had his bat out ready. I grabbed a brick. Zack and I slowly walked around the car.

1… 2… 3………….

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