Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


5. Figuring things out ourselves

“Fine I’ll tell you more about me. I’ll tell you everything.”  He acted like he really wanted us to stay with him.


“My name is John Smith. I’m a Math teacher. I don’t have a wife or kids. I’ve been teaching for 4 years. I’m great with students. And I know some survival things too, so I can keep you safe.” He looked at Violet with a weird kinda look like he knew her before.


“So can you please trust me?” He sounded like he was tearing up…


“Sure we will trust you!” I was kinda happy that he wanted us to stay with him, I felt safer.



We were all talking for a while then all of a sudden we heard a really big crash just outside. A few teachers were looking out the window. John went to go look, when he left Violet started to cry.


“What’s wrong Violet?” I asked in the most concerned voice I could.


“What if they’re coming…” I didn’t say anything… I just put my hand on Violet’s head.


John came back a little while later and helped me stand up, he was rushing.


“Quickly, Quickly!” He was running towards the classrooms.


“Grab a bag for each of you and empty it, find anything that may be useful, fast!”


We entered a room and I grabbed a black bag and dumped it all on the floor, I found a water bottle, paracord bracelet, and some whole grain bars.


I looked around for John and didn’t see him.


“Hey guys, where’s John?” I said a little worried, I didn’t even know what was going on yet he left us.


I look around the room for John and a little more supplies.



John came rushing in the door a few minutes later quickly closing the door behind him.

“What’s going on? Where did you go?” I was so scared


“We need to go, like now!” He was rushing to a window and opened it.


“WAIT! You want us to jump!” Violet was starting to cry… again.


“If it means to keep you safe I’ll do it.” Zack told me while grabbing my hand.


“Don’t worry, there’s something for you to land on.” He looked back at the door.

“I promise, you’ll be safe.” I get close to the window and look down, it was a 3 story building so it was far. I looked at the door and a bunch of people, no not people… the dead.

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