Soon isn't good enough

A school is on lockdown. People are coughing. Sickness is spreading. And the dead is rising.


6. Decisions

I put on my bookbag and clip it to me. I look over at Zack and Violet, then looked back down.


“There has to be another way, I’m not jumping out of a window! Are you crazy!” I heard the dead outside the door.


“No I’m not crazy, this is our only option.” John looked at the door again.


“I’m finding another way.” I climbed down from the window.


“You better do it fast then!” He watched the door.


I looked around the room and saw another door. It lead to the Auditorium.


“C'mon this way!” I started run towards the door. The glass on the door with the dead finally broke.


We walked in the auditorium and locked the door behind us. I looked around the room, no sign of them. That kinda made me happy.


I turned to John, “What the hell was that?! You were going to make us jump outside, and god knows what was gonna happen to us! We wouldn’t have lasted a day!”


“I had faith.” I put his things down.


“You had faith?! That’s it? Are you trying to get us all killed?!” I was so angry.


“I… I’m sorry, I panicked, I just wanted you all to be safe.” I could tell he was feeling guilty.


I saw Zack and Violet sitting. I walked over to them and sat in Zack’s lap. He held my hand and kissed my forehead. John looked at us and looked down.


I think I was a little harsh on him. But he did almost kill us, so I had a reason to be.


“I’m hungry…” Violet’s stomach growled.


I look in my bag to find the 3 whole grain bars. I look at them and wonder. What if we need these later? should I save them? before I even had a chance to put them back Zack grabbed one from my hand.


“Thanks baby I was so hungry.” He said it with a smile. Damn his smile is so perfect.


“Oh can I have one?!” Violet was acting like a little kid.

“Yeah, why not. Here you go.” I handed her one and we all ate.


I looked around the room and found John on the stage. He seemed suspicious, I kinda don’t trust him. I whispered to Zack.


“Do you trust John?” I was waiting for his answer.


“I do and I don’t, I mean he wants to help us so I guess he’s alright.” He whispered back into my ear.

A few minutes later… we all heard a noise from behind stage.

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